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School of Journalism
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FAX: (208) 885-6450
E-MAIL: jamm@uidaho.edu

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School of Journalism
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Course Descriptions

Note: The successful completion of JAMM 100 and 121 with a grade of C or better is required for enrollment in upper-division JAMM courses; exceptions by permission.

JAMM 100 Media and Society (3 cr)
Overview of mass communication: history and structure of media organizations; the political, economic and social context of media; legal and ethical considerations; media literacy; cultural approaches to mass communication research.

JAMM 121 Media Writing (3 cr)
Basic principles of writing for print, broadcast and online media; skills in identifying and evaluating credible information. Two 2-hr lec-labs a wk. Recommended Preparation: Ability to type.
Prereq: Engl 102 and JAMM 100 with a grade of 'C' or better

JAMM 201 Practicum (1 cr, max 3)
Graded P/F.

JAMM 225 Reporting I (3 cr)
Writing news for print, broadcast and online media. Introduction to newsroom structures and processes, news judgment and decision making. Two 2-hr lectures/labs a wk.
Prereq: JAMM 121

JAMM 252 Introduction to Public Relations (3 cr)
Overview of issues and methods used by public relations practitioners, including strategies, practices and basic products produced. Multiple writing assignments address basic skills needed for successful PR activities.
Prereq: JAMM 100 and JAMM 121

JAMM 265 Principles of Advertising (3 cr)
Overview of the role of advertising in American society. Explores the socioeconomic growth and impact of advertising on U.S. consumer culture. Writing assignments include critiques of advertisements and analyses of their intended effects.
Prereq: JAMM 100 and JAMM 121

JAMM 275 Introduction to Broadcasting and Digital Media Production (4 cr)
Principles of digital audio and video production and writing; concentration on skills such as writing, producing, directing, sound recording and mixing, lighting, camera work, and editing for narrative and non-narrative storytelling. Work with digital and high-definition equipment for field and studio production. Hands-on experience, criticism and revision are emphasized. Two 75-minute lectures and one 2-hr lab per week.
Prereq: JAMM 100 and JAMM 121; or Permission

JAMM 299 Directed Study (cr arr)

JAMM 322 Broadcast News (3 cr)
News reporting for radio, television and the Internet, emphasizing writing, editing, producing, and on-air performance skills; analysis of broadcast news practices. Recommended preparation: JAMM 275.
Prereq: JAMM 225 or Permission

JAMM 323 Broadcast Sports Reporting (3 cr, max 6)
Sports reporting for television, radio and the Internet; emphasizes writing, editing, producing, camera work and on-air performance skills. Focus on interviews, team coverage, game highlights. Recommended Preparation: JAMM 322. (Fall only)
Prereq: JAMM 225 and JAMM 275; or Permission

JAMM 324 News Editing and Production (3 cr)
News selection, evaluation, editing, display, pagination and design for print and online media. Two 2-hr lectures/labs a wk. (Spring only)
Prereq: JAMM 121 and 225, or Permission

JAMM 325 Publications Editing (3 cr)
Introduction to the development, management, editing, design and distribution of print and Web publications; focuses on periodicals, such as magazines and student-originated projects.

JAMM 327 Reporting II (3 cr)
Interviewing, database research, access to public records and meetings, and development of in-depth news story structure. Includes coverage of government, politics and other public issues. Recommended Preparation: PolS 275.
Prereq: JAMM 225 or Permission

JAMM 339 Crime and the Media (3 cr)
See Soc 339.

JAMM 340 Cultural Diversity and the Media (3 cr)
May be used as general education credit in J-3-d. An examination of media studies scholarship related to aging, class, disabilities, gender, race and sexual orientation.

JAMM 341 Mass Media Ethics (3 cr)
A critical examination of ethical issues confronting journalists and other media practitioners. Includes moral analysis, argument and decision-making by media organizations. Case studies drawn from journalism, broadcasting, advertising, public relations and digital media.

JAMM 350 Public Relations Writing and Production (3 cr)
Public relations writing, publication and design processes for print, broadcast and online media. Two 2-hr lectures/labs a wk.
Prereq: JAMM 225 and JAMM 252

JAMM 351 Alumni Newsletter Production (1-3 cr)
Concept development, interviewing, writing and editing for the School of Journalism and Mass Media's twice-yearly newsletter for students, alumni and other audiences; emphasis on multi-media content, including photographs, audio and video.
Prereq: JAMM 350 or Permission

JAMM 361 Advertising Creativity (3 cr)
Advertising creative process in print, broadcast and online media, including copywriting and production processes and techniques. Recommended preparation: Art 110.
Prereq: JAMM 265

JAMM 364 Advertising Media Planning (3 cr)
Advertising media planning for broadcast, print and online media; includes interpretation of ratings and market data, media strategies and concepts, and specific buying process in each advertising medium.
Prereq: JAMM 265

JAMM 370 Digital Audio Production (3 cr)
Audio production principles and techniques, with an emphasis on sound design, writing and announcing skills; digital technologies for radio, television, Internet, and music recording.

JAMM 374 Digital Media Field Production (3 cr)
Single-camera field production techniques and aesthetics. Students will write, produce, direct and revise video projects. Includes pre-production planning, aesthetics and post-production realizations.
Prereq: JAMM 275

JAMM 375 Broadcast Television and Studio Program Production (3 cr)
Development and breakdown of broadcast television and series proposals. Live studio production of news and television magazine formatted programming aired on cable channel UITV- 8. Studio/field production, writing, producing, directing, and editing of story feature packages primarily on digital based equipment. Perform all aspects of studio operation and techniques.
Prereq: JAMM 275

JAMM 378 American Television Genres (3 cr)
Historic development of dominant television genres, discussion of characteristics unique to each genre; examination of the cultural context of television programming.

JAMM 379 Hollywood Portrayals of Journalists (3 cr)
Addresses the evolving relationship between the American people and their media. It examines the conflicting images of journalists in movies and television and discusses the influence of these images on the American public's perception of news gatherers in the 20th and 21st centuries.

JAMM 400 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

JAMM 401 (s) Practicum (1 cr, max 2)
Graded P/F.
Prereq: Permission

JAMM 403 (s) Workshop (cr arr)
May be graded P/F.
Prereq: Permission

JAMM 404 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

JAMM 405 Professional Development for Secondary Teachers (1-3 cr)
Exposure to current developments in mass media, including technology, law and ethics; supervised experience in writing, editing, publication design, video production and Internet publication; work with high school, college students and professional journalists in a workshop setting. (Summer only)

JAMM 420 Public Radio Journalism (3 cr)
History and development of news in public radio style; writing and production of news documentaries, features, and enterprise stories; use of advanced audio production techniques in story telling. Recommended Preparation: JAMM 322 and JAMM 370.
Prereq: JAMM 225

JAMM 422 Advanced Broadcast News (3 cr)
Advanced news reporting for radio, television and the Internet, emphasizing writing, editing, producing, and on-air performance skills; analysis of broadcast news judgments and decision making.
Prereq: JAMM 322

JAMM 425 Feature Article Writing (3 cr)
Strategies and approaches for writing and producing human-interest stories for print and online media; introduction to a variety of feature-writing styles, including columns, reviews, and arts and culture coverage. Topics vary.
Prereq: JAMM 225 or Permission

JAMM 426 Narrative Journalism (3 cr)
Tradition and conceptual foundations of narrative journalism, with emphasis on structure, storytelling, style and narrative voice. Students will be expected to write or produce several enterprise stories suitable for publication or broadcast.
Prereq: JAMM 225 or Permission

JAMM 428 Environmental Journalism (3 cr)
Reporting on natural resources issues and the environment. Recommended Preparation: JAMM 225.

JAMM 440 Critical Issues in Mass Media (3 cr)
Examination of critical approaches to mass media, including interdisciplinary interpretations of media forms and content. Addresses how new media technologies are changing how media users acquire, distribute and use information. Analyzes media impact on American culture from a variety of critical perspectives.

JAMM 443 Media Management and Economics (3 cr)
Management principles as they apply to mass media; emphasis on personnel management, budgeting, programming, sales, marketing and promotion, legal constraints, new technologies, and strategic planning; study of media ownership.

JAMM 444 Mass Media and Public Opinion (3 cr)
Role of media in the formation of public opinion; overview of survey methodology and interpretation.

JAMM 445 History of Mass Media (3 cr)
May be used as general education credit in J-3-d. Develops core historical understanding of significant social, political, economic, and technological developments in the mass media. Focuses primarily on developments and trends in the United States between 1900 and the present. Topics include the media as independent witnesses to human events, the role of audiences, contributions made by underrepresented groups and the importance of a free press to democracy.

JAMM 448 Law of Mass Media (3 cr)
An examination of the legal framework governing the gathering, preparation, and dissemination of information, advertising and entertainment in the United States and globally. Topics include First Amendment, defamation, invasion of privacy, intellectual property, copyright, access to governmental proceedings and records, and regulation of broadcasting, satellite, and cable television.
Prereq: Senior standing and a major in the School of Journalism and Mass Media.

JAMM 452 Public Relations Campaign Design (3 cr)
Examination of public relations programs; practice in developing and executing campaigns with emphasis on problem/issue identification, design of campaign elements, presentations skills and equipment.
Prereq: JAMM 350

JAMM 456 Nonprofit Fundraising (3 cr)
See Comm 456.

JAMM 458 Public Relations Case Studies and Issues Management (3 cr)
Examination of actual and created public relations case studies; reasons for their success or failure examined and evaluated.
Prereq: JAMM 252

JAMM 462 Creative Thinking for Mass Media (3 cr)
This course is designed to help students develop and apply a variety of conceptual and creative skills to mass media challenges; it provides techniques to develop, evaluate and implement strategies to define and resolve existing or emerging problems in a rapidly changing media environment.
Prereq: Permission

JAMM 465 Political Advertising (3 cr)
Using presidential and congressional campaigns as the foundation, this course will examine how political organizations and politicians use marketing, advertising and public relations principles, strategies and media and tactics to reinforce, change or justify public perceptions to gain public support, votes, money or credibility. Recommended preparation: JAMM 265.

JAMM 466 Advertising Campaign Strategy (3 cr)
Advanced advertising strategies in creative approaches and media usage; current ad campaigns and development of a complete advertising campaign for a client.
Prereq: JAMM 265, JAMM 361 and JAMM 364

JAMM 468 The Advertising Agency (3 cr)
Functioning of an advertising agency, including management, accounting, creative and media buying systems, government regulation, account management, and creative strategies in the marketplace. Field trips. Recommended Preparation: JAMM 466.

JAMM 469 Advertising Competition Team (3 cr, max 6)
This course provides students with an opportunity to participate in the annual National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, as well as other student competitions in advertising or integrated marketing communication.
Prereq: Junior/Senior standing and Permission

JAMM 475 Advanced Digital Media Production (3 cr)
Advanced production and content development for short narrative cinema. Emphasis on schedule adherence and aesthetic realization. Projects will screen publicly at the annual student digital media festival.
Prereq: JAMM 275 and JAMM 374; or JAMM 275 and JAMM 375; or Permission

JAMM 477 Documentary Film (3 cr)
Same as Engl 477. An examination of the historical development of nonfiction film and television. Study of documentary style and form, a consideration of social issues raised by documentary and a survey of significant practitioners and theorists of documentary film and television. Recommended preparation: Engl 230.
Prereq: JAMM 100 and JAMM 121

JAMM 478 Broadcast/Cable/Web Programming (3 cr)
Program development, theory, and scheduling, with emphasis on the regulations and strategies involved in radio, television, cable, and web programming at both the national and local levels.

JAMM 490 Global Media (3 cr)
May be used as general education credit in J-3-d. Technologies and concepts of international media; models of international content flow; cross-cultural mass media.

JAMM 497 Practicum in Teaching (1-3 cr, max 3)
Supervised experience in assisting in teaching of JAMM courses.
Prereq: Upper-class standing and permission of instructor

JAMM 498 (s) Internship (0-3 cr, max 6)
Supervised experience in professional media outlet, non-profit organization, government agency, or educational institution. Graded P/F.

Prereq: Junior Standing and JAMM 225, JAMM 252, JAMM 265, or JAMM 275; or Permission of Instructor

JAMM 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr., max 6)