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Radio-Tv Center

Welcome to the Radio-TV Center

The Radio-TV Center is the nerve center of the Broadcasting and Digital Media program and home to Idaho Public Television and Northwest Public Radio. The Center hosts an energetic mix of classes and professional learning opportunities.

Our state-of-the-art facilities include a high definition television studio, high definition edit bays, and digital video and audio work stations. Students edit using software such as Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools, and use Final Draft, industry standard software, when writing their scripts. Students produce a variety of award-winning news programs, documentaries, commercials and narratives.

Outside of class, students assist in the production of programs for Idaho Public Television; intern at Northwest Public Radio; produce and direct videos for the Moscow Kino Digital Media Festival; and write and report a weekly sports program called “Inside the Vandals” every fall.

Idaho Public Television and Northwest Public Radio have offices and production facilities at the Center.
UITV-8, the UI’s cable channel, is a joint venture between the UI and Idaho Public Television and also operates from the Radio-TV Center. It provides a rich mix of high quality educational and informational programs from a variety of sources, including the University of Idaho, Annenberg/CPB Learn, Idaho Public Television, and PBS- YOU.

The Radio- TV Center has a long and rich history at the University of Idaho. KUID-TV was the first public television station in Idaho and was put on the air by the University of Idaho in 1965. The university operated the station until 1982, the year Idaho Public Television was created. KUID-FM began broadcasting in 1963 and was the first educational FM station in Idaho. It remained part of the UI until it became part of Northwest Public Radio in 1984. For more on the history of both stations, please visit the Timeline on the JAMM Web site.

Today, the School of Journalism and Mass Media and the UI maintain strong ties with Idaho Public Television, UITV-8 and Northwest Public Radio to help provide information and culture to Idaho, the region, and the world.