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JAMM Advisory Board Bylaws

Revised and adopted April 28, 2008


Recognizing the value of strong connections with its external constituencies, the School of Journalism and Mass Media has established an Advisory Board. The purposes of this board shall be to:
  • Promote the School to its alumni, supporters and other constituencies.
  • Assist in identifying and acquiring additional resources
  • Serve as an advocate of the School on and off campus
  • Advise the School’s faculty and students about curriculum, internships and professional opportunities
  • Develop working relationships with media organizations, government agencies, public relations and advertising agencies, and other potential employers of its graduates.

A. Composition
The board shall consist of between 20 and 30 members who represent various mass media professions or related fields. The board shall seek diversity of gender, race, ethnicity, age, occupation, and geographical distribution in its members.

B. Nomination and Election of Members
The nominating committee (see IV. B. below) shall select candidates for new and replacement members at each spring meeting or as circumstances warrant. Nominations may also be made from the floor by any member of the board. Election requires a simple majority of board members present and voting. New members normally shall take office at the fall meeting.

C. Ex-Officio Membership
The ex-officio membership of the board shall consist of (1) the director of the school, (2) the assistant director, and (3) one full-time faculty member elected annually by the school faculty. Ex-officio members participate in meetings but do not vote. At least two student representatives shall be invited to attend each board meeting, as circumstances allow.

D. Membership Terms and Rotation
The term of office shall be three years. Board members shall rotate on staggered three-year terms, so that about one-third of the board is replaced each year. The director of the school shall be responsible for coordinating the rotation of the board. If a member resigns before his or her term expires, then a replacement member shall be elected to a full three-year term.

E. Emeritus Membership
When a board member’s term expires, he or she shall have the option of moving to emeritus status, which carries no obligation to attend board meetings. This option shall also be available to board members who are prevented by distance from attending meetings regularly but wish to retain an affiliation with the School.

F. Quorum
A quorum shall consist of one-half of the members, plus one. Attendance may be in person or by teleconference. A quorum is necessary to take any binding action.


The officers of the board shall consist of a chair and vice chair, chosen from the regular membership (excluding ex-officio and emeritus members). Normally, members shall elect at each fall meeting a vice chair, who assumes the chair’s position the following fall.

A. Chair
In consultation with the School director, the chair shall set the agenda and preside at all board and executive committee meetings, appoint committees, and represent the board at official School and university functions as her/his schedule allows.

B. Vice Chair
The vice chair shall fill the chair’s duties in the absence of the chair, assist the chair in providing leadership for the board, serve on the executive committee, and preside over the nominating committee for the election of new members.


A. Executive Committee
The executive committee of the board shall consist of the director of the School, the chair and the vice chair of the board, the faculty member of the board. The executive committee shall meet by teleconference at least once prior to the fall board meeting. The executive committee shall develop long-term plans and strategies for consideration by the board, address opportunities and challenges in a timely fashion, and support the work of the board throughout the year. The School director or board chair may call a meeting of the executive committee whenever circumstances warrant.

B. Nominating Committee
The nominating committee shall consist of the director of the School, the vice chair of the board, and at least one other member of the board appointed by the board chair. The nominating committee nominates candidates for new and replacement board members at each spring meeting or as circumstances warrant.


The full board shall meet twice annually, typically in the fall and spring. The director of the School, with the concurrence of the board chair, shall arrange the time and place of each meeting.


Amendments to these bylaws must be proposed in writing at least one month in advance of consideration. Amendments may be approved by simple majority vote of a quorum.


The bylaws may be adopted by a simple majority of board members present and voting at a regularly scheduled meeting.