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Program in International Studies
Physical Address:
Admin. Bldg. #338
PHONE: (208) 885-6527
FAX: (208) 885-9464

Mailing Address:
Program in International Studies
c/o University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 3177
Moscow, ID 83844-3177


Degree Requirements

Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3), the general requirements for the B.A. degree, and: Courses to include the following (no more than 15 cr at the lower-div level and no more than 12 cr from any single discipline) (48 cr):

  • Global Theme courses (6 cr)
  • Econ 201 and Econ 202 Principles of Economics or Econ 272 Foundations of Economic Analysis (4-6 cr)
  • IS 310 Model United Nations (Fall) or PolS 235 Political Research Methods and Approaches (3 cr)
  • IS 495 International Studies Senior Seminar (3 cr)
  • PolS 237 International Politics or PolS 205 Introduction to Comparative Politics (3 cr)
  • Stat 251 Principles of Statistics (3 cr)

At least 12 cr from one of the following issue emphases:
  • international relations
  • international economics and business
  • global resources and development
At least 12 cr from one of the following regional emphases:
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia
Demonstrated proficiency in a modern foreign language correlating with the region of emphasis and equivalent to that gained from six semesters of university study (0-22 cr)

In addition, international experience in the student's region of emphasis is required for all students in this major. The experience must extend consecutively for at least 10-12 weeks, be qualified for at least 12 credits, and include an academic project or assignment and immersion in the culture of the country. All costs associated with the international experience are the responsibility of the student.

The requirement of international experience will normally be fulfilled by completing a registered credit program such as study abroad, student exchange, student teaching, or internship. In general, credits are registered on the UI campus; course work and field experience are taken abroad. In some cases, permission may be granted to complete noncredit work experience that places the student abroad for a contracted length of time. Normally this work assignment will be completed during the degree program. In some instances, prior work experience may be accepted based on the following criteria: verification, length, nature, recentness, and relevancy of experience.