Religious Studies 
Janice Capel Anderson - Coordinator 
c/o Philosophy - University of Idaho
P.O. Box 443016
Moscow, ID 83844-3018

OFFICE: Morrill Hall 405
PHONE: (208) 885-6065

Religious Studies Faculty

Janice Capel Anderson
Janice Capel Anderson
Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Janice Anderson is a professor at the University of Idaho and her areas of research & teaching are: Early Christianity, Biblical Judaism, Ethics, Philosophy and Feminism.
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Walter Hesford
Walter Hesford
Associate Professor
Walter Hesford teaches American literature and the Bible as literature.
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Kip W. Jenkins
Kip W. Jenkins is an affiliate professor of Religious Studies. His area of research interests are religion and the family and the sociology of religion.
Sharon Kehoe
Sharon Kehoe, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Sharon Kehoe, Ph.D., is an affiliate professor of Religious Studies. Her research interests are world religions, woman’s spirituality, sacred art, and The Sacred Journey.
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Ellen Kittell
Ellen Kittell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Ellen Kittell is an associate professor of history. Her research interests are Pre-modern Europe (medieval, Renaissance, Reformation), Women's history, social and legal history of Europe.
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Laura Putsche
Assistant Professor
Laura Putsche is an assistant professor of anthropology. Her areas of interest are indigenous peoples of South America (particularly of the Amazon region), indigenous peoples and the state, cultural ecology, and indigenous peoples and international development.
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Kurt Queller
Kurt Queller
Kurt Queller teaches linguistics and history of the English language.
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Sean Quinlan
Sean Quinlan, Ph.D.
Sean Quinlan is the Chair of the History Department He is a full professor of history. His research areas are eighteenth-century studies, science and medicine in Europe, gender and sexuality in the west, European cultural and intellectual history, 1650–present, modern France.
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