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Latin American Studies 
Irina Kappler-Crookston - Coordinator 
c/o Modern Languages and Cultures  - University of Idaho
P.O. Box 443174
Moscow, ID 83844-3174

OFFICE: Administration Bldg. #314
PHONE: (208) 885-8995
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Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies

The program in Latin American studies is a multidisciplinary major leading to the B.A. degree.

The appeal of this field of study has greatly increased over the last decade, due to the region's growing economic and political importance. A degree in the major is appropriate for employment in many fields, among which are the diplomatic service and overseas business as well as graduate study in various disciplines. Students electing the major will also broaden their awareness of non-Western cultures and history.


Required course work includes the university requirements (see regulation J-3), the general L&S requirements for the B.A. degree, including Spanish for the foreign language requirement, and:
  • Hist 435 Latin America: The Colonial Era (3 cr)
  • Hist 438 Modern Mexico or 439 Modern Latin America (3 cr)
  • Span 306 Culture and Institutions of Latin America (3 cr)
  • Span 401-402 Readings: Spanish Literature and Spanish American Literature (6 cr)

And at least seven of the following courses (or the optional courses listed above) (21 cr):
  • Anth 220 Peoples of the World
  • Anth 462 Human Issues in International Development
  • *Econ 447 Economics of Developing Countries
  • FLEN 391 or Span 307 Hispanic Film
  • FLEN 394 Latin American Literature in Translation
  • Hist 210 Introduction to Modern Latin American History
  • Hist 315 Comparative African-American Cultures
  • Hist 440 Social Revolution in Latin America
  • Hist 441 Comparative Slavery and Emancipation in the Atlantic World
  • RRT 493 International Land Preservation and Conservation Systems
  • Span 402 Readings: Spanish American Literature
  • Span 404 Special Topics (with prior approval of program coordinator)

* Students are strongly urged to elect those courses marked with an asterisk and to take Hist 101-102 (History of Civilization) in their freshman year.