Environmental Science

As an Environmental Science student you will take a broad range of science courses and field labs, study international environmental issues and complete a senior research project. Many of our students study abroad or on a national exchange, and we encourage all of our students to get hands-on experience through campus activities, internships and summer jobs. This approach gives students a good basis for finding employment in the environmental field.

The Environmental Science Program utilizes a strong interdisciplinary approach to understanding environmental issues from a scientific perspective, integrated with economic and political factors. In providing a truly interdisciplinary education, Environmental Science trains students to tackle complex global problems that require knowledge across disciplines. Students receive practical experience applying these integrated skills to local issues, such as salmon recovery and the impacts of forest fires, giving them the ecological and socio-cultural tool set to address broad-based environmental problems.
A Passion for People & Places

Richard H. Holm Jr. '05 unites environmental science with his love of Idaho's history and flying as he preserves stories of the past. More

Environmental Science student Wieteke Holthuijzen Selected as Udall Scholar

Holthuijzen's 2013 selection is only one of 50 in the nation and the only Idaho scholar this year. More