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Painting of a pirate sea battle

Course Descriptions

Note: In jointly numbered courses, additional projects/assignments are required for graduate credit.
Prerequisite: Two-semester courses in this field may be taken in either order. Students may enroll in second-semester courses without having had the first. Ordinarily six lower-division credits in history are advised for registration in upper-division courses.

Hist 101 History of Civilization (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d.
Contributions to the modern world. Hist 101: to 1650.

Hist 102 History of Civilization (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d.
Contributions to the modern world. Hist 102: 1650 to present.

Hist 111 Introduction to U.S. History (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d.
Political, diplomatic, economic, social, and cultural history; earliest times to 1877.

Hist 112 Introduction to U.S. History (3 cr)
May be used as core credit in J-3-d.
Political, diplomatic, economic, social, and cultural history; 1877 to present.

Hist 180 Introduction to East Asian History (3 cr)
Survey of traditional and modern Chinese and Japanese history. 

Hist 200 (s) Seminar (cr arr)

Hist 290 The Historian's Craft (3 cr)
Introduction to the discipline of history, basic skills for course work and research, and major schools of historical writing.
Prereq: Permission

Hist 315 Comparative African-American Cultures (3 cr)
An overview of African American history in the U.S. from the late 19th century to the present; comparisons with the experience of African Americans in other parts of the Americas; study of important personalities and historical forces that have influenced African Americans and the societies in which they live.

Hist 331 The Age of African Empires (3 cr)
Survey of the history of Africa south of the Sahara to 1800. 

Hist 350 European Cultural History, 1600–1800 (3 cr)
History of thought, material culture, and “mentalities” in early modern Europe, including the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment.

Hist 357 Women in Pre-Modern European History (3 cr)
Survey of historical experience of women from the Greeks through the 17th century.

Hist 366 Intellectual and Cultural History of Modern Europe (3 cr)
Evolution of attitudes and values of European societies during the 19th and 20th centuries; influence of key events and ideas,including those of Marx, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, and Sartre.

Hist 371 History of England (3 cr)
Political, social, economic, and religious development of the British Isles. Hist 371: to 1688.

Hist 372 History of England (3 cr)
Political, social, economic, and religious development of the British Isles. Hist 372: 1688 to present.

Hist 380 Disease and Culture: History of Western Medicine (3 cr)
Survey of Western medicine from Antiquity to the present. Examination of changing theories of disease, the scientific study of the human body, evolution of medical practices and treatment, the institutionalization of medical practice, and the evolution of public health policy.

Hist 382 History of Biology: Conflicts and Controversies (3 cr)
Explores the social and intellectual development of the life sciences as a discipline in Europe and North America, with focus on biology in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Emphasis on evolutionary thought, heredity, development, social uses of biology, and women and gender.

Hist 385 History of Sexuality (3 cr)
Analysis of sexuality and gender in Europe and North America, primarily from 1750 to the present. Focus upon changing sexual behavior both inside and outside of marriage and the efforts to regulate, repress, or encourage sexual behavior and attitudes.

Hist J401/J501 (s) Seminar (cr arr)
Research papers in U.S., Latin American, ancient, English, or European history.
Prereq: Permission

Hist J404/J504 (s) Special Topics (cr arr)

Hist J411/J511 Colonial North America, 1492-1763 (3 cr)
Native American societies; Spanish, French, and English colonization; international rivalries, 1492-1763.

Hist J412/J512 Revolutionary North America and Early National Period, 1763-1828 (3 cr)
Era of the American War of Independence; Confederation; Early Nationhood, 1763-1828.

Hist J415/J515 Civil War and Reconstruction, 1828-1877 (3 cr)
Sectionalism, westward expansion, slavery, the Civil War and Reconstruction.

Hist J416/J516 Rise of Modern America, 1877-1900 (3 cr)
Industrial and economic development, political reform, populism.

Hist J417/J517 United States, 1900-1945 (3 cr)
Populism, Progressivism, World War I, the Twenties, the Depression, the New Deal, and World War II.

Hist J418/J518 Recent America, 1945-Present (3 cr)
America since 1945.

Hist J419/J519 Twentieth-Century American West (3 cr)
History of the 11 Rocky Mountain and Pacific states from 1900 to the present.

Hist J420/J520 History of Women in American Society (3 cr)
Examination of the roles of women (social, economic, and political) in U.S. history from colonial times to the present.

Hist J421/J521 Pirates of the Caribbean and Beyond (3 cr)
The course will use the study of pirates and privateers to examine two main questions. Firstly, the role of pirates in the construction and collapse of empires from the Roman period to the present day and secondly, the examination of the popular representations of piracy across a similar period.

Hist J423/J523 Idaho and the Pacific Northwest (3 cr)
Political, economic, social development; earliest times to the present.

Hist J424/J524 American Environmental History (3 cr)
History of changing American attitudes and actions toward the environment over three centuries.

Hist J425/J525 Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States (3 cr)
Survey of the history of American immigration from the era of colonization to the present. Course will investigate the process of immigration and adaptation to life in the United States, as well as the reaction to immigrants by native-born Americans. Course will consider how immigrants fit within the larger framework of American identity and help define what it means to be “American.”

Hist J426/J526 Red Earth White Lies: American Indian History 1840-Present (3 cr)
Survey 1840 to present; dynamics and themes of Indian history with emphasis on Indian-White relations in the U.S.

Hist J428/J528 History of the American West (3 cr)
Spanish beginnings, Anglo-French expansion, the American occupancy, 1540 to present.

Hist J430/J530 U.S. Diplomatic History (3 cr)
World power through war and the quest for peace, 1898 to present.

Hist J431/J531 Stolen Continents, The Indian Story: Indian History to 1840 (3 cr)
Survey 1400 to 1840; dynamics and themes of Indian history with emphasis on Indian-White relations in the U.S.

Hist J435/J535 Latin America: The Colonial Era (3 cr)
Indian civilization, European colonization, Spanish Imperial System, wars of independence.

Hist J438/J538 Modern Mexico and the Americas (3 cr)
Survey and analysis of political, economic, social, and cultural aspects from independence to present; emphasis on Iberian and Amerindian legacies, economic development, relations with U.S., and social revolution of 1910-1920.

Hist J439/J539 Modern Latin America (3 cr)
Political, economic, social, and cultural development; search for stability; growth of nationalism.

Hist J440/J540 Social Revolution in Latin America (3 cr)
Analysis and comparison of 20th-century social revolution in selected Latin American countries: Cuba and two others; emphasis on origins of movements for social change, economic development issues, impact of the revolutions, and relations between new governments and the U.S.

Hist J441/J541 Comparative Slavery and Emancipation in the Atlantic World (3 cr)
Analysis of the way in which African slavery became the predominant labor force in the Americas.

Hist J442/J542 The Medieval Church: Europe in the Early and High Middle Ages (3 cr)
Evolution of medieval Christian society from reign of Constantine (c. 300) to pontificate of Innocent III (1215), as expressed in monastic and mendicant orders, crusades, 12th-century Renaissance, and heresy.

Hist J443/J543 The Medieval State: Europe in the High and Late Middle Ages (3 cr)
Hist 443 same as RelS 443. Analysis of how the vitality of particular medieval princes, of the commercial revolution, and of such movements as development of common law was harnessed in the evolution of medieval government from feudalism to the modern state.

Hist 444 Ancient Greek Civilization (3 cr)
Hist 444 same as FLEN 441.  Survey of development of Greek civilization BC 2000-BC 300.

Hist 445 Medieval English Constitutional and Legal History: 1066-1485 (3 cr)
The study of the origins and development of English law and the English constitution during the Middle Ages.

Hist 446 Civilization of Ancient Rome (3 cr)
Hist 446 same as FLEN 442.  Survey of development of Roman civilization, BC 800-AD 500.

Hist J447/J547 The Renaissance (3 cr)
Explores the transformative movement known as the European Renaissance. Examines how humanism not only shaped and formed art, music, literature and philosophy but also informed one’s relationship to the state.

Hist J448/J548 The Reformation (3 cr)
Hist 448 same as RelS 448. This course examines the social and economic as well as the theological dynamic of the Reformation.The course begins by examining the thought of Erasmus and More, continuing through that of Luther, Calvin, and Loyola, to the Anabaptists. Religious upheaval lead not only to the political and military upheaval of the Religious Wars, but also to religious debate, the echoes of which resound through to the present.

Hist J451/J551 French Revolution and Napoleonic Era (3 cr)
Conditions in pre-revolutionary and revolutionary France; the Napoleonic state and impact of French changes upon Europe.

Hist J452/J552 19th Century Europe (3 cr)
Nationalism and nation-building; Imperialism and the Great Powers; Capitalism and Socialism; tensions and rivalries leading toWWI.

Hist J455/J555 20th Century Europe (3 cr)
World Wars, revolutions, and totalitarianism; decline and fall of the European empires; rise of a New Europe.

Hist 456 Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust (3 cr)
The roots and character of European anti-Semitism from the Roman Empire to the Nazis and beyond; special focus on the ThirdReich and World War II.

Hist J457/J557 History of the Middle East (3 cr)
Survey of the Middle East from the beginning of the Islamic period to the present.

Hist J458/J558 Military History (3 cr)
Survey of military history from ancient times to present; emphasis on interrelationship of war, society, and technology.

Hist J459/J559 World Wars, 1900-1950 (3 cr)
This course examines the two world wars that dominated the first half of the 20th century and continued to influence the second. Arguably, the wars were the most important factor in shaping contemporary society and consciousness. This course will examine military history of campaigns and battles, origins and aftermath of both wars, the inter-war period, and will consider the social, political, economic, and cultural ramifications.

Hist J460/J560 Conspiracies and Secret Societies in History (3 cr)
The notion that human affairs are shaped by conspiratorial and occult forces bent on the achievement of secret agendas has attained wide currency. The idea that the world is governed by powerful, unseen forces has a long history that this course will explore.

Hist J466/J566 Eastern Europe Since 1774 (3 cr)
Nationality, nation-building, and dissolution; emphasis on Poland, the Habsburg Empire, and the Balkans.

Hist J467/J567 Russia to 1894 (3 cr)
Russia from medieval origins to 1894; development of Tsarist autocracy and serfdom; reaction, reform, and rise of the revolutionary movements.

Hist J468/J568 Russia and Soviet Union Since 1894 (3 cr)
The last years of Tsarism; revolutions of 1905 and 1917; development of the Soviet Union under Lenin, Stalin, and their successors.

Hist J469/J569 Modern France, 1815-present (3 cr)
Cultural, social, and economic transformations in French society from 1815 to the present. Impact of industrialization, revolution, and war upon people’s lives.

Hist J481/J581 America’s Wars in Asia (3 cr)
Focus on the three wars the United States fought in Asia between 1941 and 1975—the Pacific Theatre of World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Emphasis on military, diplomatic, political, and cultural developments. Perspectives from all sides explored.

Hist J482/J582 Japan, 1600 to Present (3 cr)
Western impact on the political, cultural, and economic fabric of Japanese society.

Hist J484/J584 Modern China, 1840s to Present (3 cr)
Last century of Qing dynasty, 1911 Revolution and Republican experiment, Revolution of 1949, and People's Republic of China.

Hist 485 Chinese Social and Cultural History (3 cr)
Survey of Chinese culture and traditions during the first millennium.

Hist 499 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

Hist 500 Master's Research and Thesis (cr arr)

Hist 502 (s) Directed Study (cr arr)

Hist 597 Practicum: Teaching College History (1 cr, max 4)
Required for graduate students assigned to survey course sections. Does not satisfy 78-cr requirement for doctorate.
Graded P/F.  Prereq: Permission

Hist 599 (s) Non-thesis Master’s Research (cr arr)
Research not directly related to a thesis or dissertation.
Prereq: Permission

Hist 600 Doctoral Research and Dissertation (cr arr)