Program of General Studies

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College of Letters,
Arts & Social Sciences
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Learning Objectives

Bachelor’s in General Studies

1. Learn and integrate – through independent learning and collaborative study, attain, use and develop knowledge in the arts, humanities, sciences and social sciences, with the intended ability to integrate information from across disciplines.

2. Think and create – use multiple thinking strategies to examine real-world issues, explore creative avenues of expression, solve problems and make consequential decisions.

3. Communicate – acquire, articulate, create and convey intended meaning using verbal and non-verbal methods of communication that demonstrate respect and understanding in a complex society.

4. Clarify purpose and perspective – explore one’s life purpose and meaning though transformational experiences that foster an understanding of self, relationships and diverse global perspectives.

5. Productive citizenship - integrate knowledge and personal abilities to attain a level of competence sufficient for productive citizenship and sustained learning.

6. Multi-disciplinary approach – acquire a wide social and academic perspective through a broad-based self-designed curriculum.