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Student talking with professor


Who is my advisor?
Advisors are assigned by the department offering each major.  Each department has a designated initial contact person who will help you connect with your advisor.  If you are unable to locate the necessary information through the Departmental Advising Contacts (Download PDF) information, you may contact Academic Advising for assistance.

Where is my advisor located?
To find out where your advisor's office is located, you may contact the advisor or his/her department directly.  The online Campus Directory can be used to search for specific individuals or for department listings.  You may also contact Academic Advising for help locating your advisor.

What should I do to get ready for my advising meeting?
You should be able to tell your advisor about your current career plans.  This will help you and your advisor discuss possible internships, research projects, and volunteer opportunities.  You should also create a tentative schedule for the next semester.  Use your department's curriculum guide as a starting place.  Your advisor may suggest changes to this schedule, but it will be a starting place for your advising meeting.  For other questions you might discuss with your advisor check out our resources.

Can I talk to a different advisor than the one I was assigned?
You may request a change advisors for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes you have taken several classes from another faculty member and want to continue that mentoring relationship through advising.  Or you may have changed your field of interest and want to change to a faculty member more closely associated with your interests.  And occasionally you may not be comfortable discussing goals with your assigned advisor.  Whatever the concern, you should contact the department office or department chair to request to be assigned another advisor.

I met with my advisor, but I still have questions that he/she wasn't able to answer.
Now what?
If you have unanswered questions after meeting with your advisor, there are options available depending upon the situation and nature of your questions. 
  • You can schedule another appointment with your advisor for further discussion.  Before the appointment, you should write down your questions so that your advisor can address each of your concerns. 
  • If your advisor does not know where to locate the necessary information, you or your advisor may contact Academic Advising for assistance.