Senior Experience

female student studyingSenior Experience

Part of the Integrated Studies requirement, the Senior Experience is a culminating, capstone educational-experience for seniors (typically offered at the 400 level).  It provides an opportunity to integrate the student's discipline, major or program of study with the General Educational experiences through the University’s Learning Outcomes.  

Examples include capstone courses, internships, externships, student teaching, student research, and service learning, either as already existing courses or newly designed courses. For options, check with your academic adviser for listings within your major. 

This one-semester course includes the following components:

  • The experience integrates the goals, methods and outcomes of the student’s discipline/major/program of study with the five University-Gen-Ed-Learning-Outcomes learn and integrate, think and create, communicate, clarify purpose and perspective, practice citizenship.
  • The learning activities (e.g., written paper, oral presentation, collaborative project, etc.) of the course directly emphasize and are integrated with both the learning outcomes of the discipline/major, and the University-wide Learning Outcomes.
  • The experience of this course promotes effective use of information literacy and research skills, as well as oral and written communication skills.   The course typically involves Library research.


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