Integrated Core Science (CORS)

Science studentThe Core Integrated Science (CORS) classes seek the following objectives:
  • Strengthen student understanding of the methodology of science so as to foster logical thinking about and the ability to make complex scientific and social decisions.
  • Increase awareness of the nature and limitations of scientific knowledge.
  • Emphasize the impact of science on society and the impact of society on science.
  • Consider the ethical dilemmas and moral consequences of research that may confront the scientist.
  • Create an understanding of the differences between belief and scientifically testable or validated results.
  • Place scientific advances and issues in a historical context.
  • Stress collaborative work and problem solving techniques in providing the student with the opportunity to become actively engaged in conducting science.

The course directly emphasizes and is integrated with the five University-wide Learning Outcomes: learn and integrate, think and create, communicate, clarify purpose and perspective, practice citizenship.

Core Science classes carry 3 credits and fulfill a Natural Science requirement with no additional lab attached.

CORS course descriptions are found on the Class Schedule Page, under CORS.