ISEM 301 Descriptions

Your ISEM 301 Great Issues seminar is taught by members of the academic faculty from the Colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Art and Architecture, Business and Economics, Education, Engineering, and Natural Resources.

Your seminar: 

  • Offers a multiple disciplinary approach to addressing a current, campus-wide issue or event.
  • The seminar offers the theory and methodology of at least two distinct disciplines.  It can include that of the student’s own discipline, as well as another discipline. 
  • Addresses the topics of and is linked to an annual university “signature event,” or of an equivalent activity in scope and implications.
  • Seeks to integrate the multi-disciplinies, with the University Learning Outcomes, to better understand and appreciate of the topic of the signature event.
  • Reintroduce students through practice and course design to the multiple disciplinary learning outcomes and the five University-wide Learning Outcomes: learn and integrate, think and create, communicate, clarify purpose and perspective, practice citizenship.   The seminar seeks to improve information literacy and research skills, as well as oral and written communication skills.   Library research is encouraged.
  • This seminar should be designed for students in their 2nd or 3rd year at the university.  No prerequisites necessary.

 ISEM 301 Great Issues Seminar Descriptions are found on the Class Schedule Page, under ISEM - ISEM 301 Listings


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