Requirements | Catalog Year 2012-13 and +

The University Committee on General Education, University Curriculum Committee and Faculty Senate have approved the following general education curriculum requirements beginning with the 2011-12 (ISEM 101) and 2012-13 (ISEM 301, American Diversity and Senior Experience) catalog years.  These and all General Education requirements are listed under section J - General Requirements for a Baccalaureate Degree, under "General Requirements and Academic Procedures" of the General Catalog, for your particular "Catalog Year." All the J-3-a, J-3-b, J-3-c, and J-3-d currently meet the General Education Matriculation "GEM" certification (or will do so by the 2016-17 Catalog).

For information on the General Education Curriculum Requirements.

For information on General Education requirements pertaining to Transfer Students.