Resources for Faculty

This page is designed to assist faculty in the design of some of the General Education curriculum.

For the link to the University of Idaho University-Gen-Ed-Learning-Outcomes.  You can access the ISEM 101 and ISEM 301 Learning Outcomes on the Related Links.   The U of I university-wide Learning Outcomes are also the General Education curriculum Learning Outcomes.

You will notice in the Sample Syllabi (ISEM 101 and ISEM 301) the use of a Grading Criteria Rubric.  The rubric allows students a clear understanding of expectations, and give the instructor a tool for assessing student competencies.  This rubric was derived, with modifications, from the VALUE Rubric of the Association of American Colleges and University, which is also located on the U of I Distance and Extended Education page.  To learn more about the role and use of rubrics, see DEE Course Design.

You are strongly encouraged to include a library research assignment in your seminar learning activities.  And please take advantage of having your students visit with a reference librarian.  The library website has many databases that will help you find relevant and reliable books, articles, images, and more, many available online.  For a general overview of library resources, see “Getting started on research in the UI Library,” a research guide. Don’t hesitate to contact a librarian for research assistance, either in person at the library reference desk or by phone, email, or chat online.  UI librarians specialize in helping you find high quality sources for class papers and projects. The librarian's can set up a specific web-based "guide" for your student's research.  Diane Prorak, for example, is the "ISEM 101 Library Guru," and if you are offering a ISEM 101 seminar, please contact her and arrange for a library visitation with her, (208) 885-2508 or  Diane offers tips on engaging students in research in the Research Tips file listed in the Related Links.

If you have a course or seminar you wish to proposal for inclusion in the university's General Education, Call for Proposals are listed on this page (right column) and on the UCGE page.

For additional assistance with help on the design of your course or seminar content or pedagogy, or in addressing the UCGE Call for Proposal guidelines, contact Kenton Bird, Director of General Education, (208) 885-4947 or