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General Education Changes - Updated for the 2015-16 Catalog Year

University of Idaho General Education or Transfer Student General Education?

  • Students who begin their education at the University of Idaho with fewer than 14 transferable college credits from a regionally accredited institution after high school graduation are admitted as first-year students and placed on the UI General Eduction for the school year in which they were admitted. (e.g., A student admitted for the Fall 2013 semester must complete the UI General Education for the 2013-2014 catalog year.)
  • Transfer students who have completed 14 or more transferable college credits after high school graduation may choose to complete either the UI General Education or the Transfer Student General Education requirements. 
  • Students with questions about their General Education requirements should contact their academic advisor or the Advising Center.  A Change of General Education form must be submitted and is required for those students eligible to change the General Education option. A student's General Education requirements can be found in their degree audit and in their General Catalog year.
  • For information University of Idaho General Education
For more information
  • Please see The Catalog (General Requirements and Academic Procedures, Section J - General Requirements for Baccalaureate Degrees).
  • For general advising, see Advising Center.