A student reading on the University of Idaho campus

Common Read FAQ

  • What is the Common Read Program?

    The Common Read Program at the University of Idaho is a program designed to bring together community-wide engagement around a topic of relevance, to promote a common intellectual experience among students, especially first-year students, and all students, staff and faculty.   It will assist students and reiterate among them their desires and motivations to learn, engage and lead. 

  • How do I get a copy of the book?
    You can purchase the book directly from the University of Idaho VandalStore - Bookstore, order the book online from the U of I VandalStore - Bookstore, or you can also purchase it at many local bookstores across the Northwest or an online vendor.
  • Will the book be used in my classes?
    Yes - Many instructors will be using the book throughout the year, and all ISEM 101 Integrated Seminar sections will be using the Common Read book.
  • What if I need the book in an alternative format?
    Reasonable accommodations are available for students who have documented temporary or permanent disabilities. All accommodations must be approved through Disability Support Services located in the Idaho Commons Building, Room 306.
    Please feel free to contact Disability Support Services at 208 885-6307 or email dss@uidaho.edu.
  • How has Common Read Been Used in the Past?

    The Common Read has been used in the past as part of a freshman orientation.  Today it is being used in all ISEM 101 Integrated Seminars, and in a ISEM 301 Great Issues seminar.