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The Tutor Experience

“English 402 is one of the best courses I’ve taken at the University of Idaho. Working in the Writing Center has allowed me to share my love of writing with others and develop my own skills further. I’m glad I chose to apply for this opportunity, and I look forward to continuing my work in the Writing Center for the next few years!”
~Emily Brookhart

"The English 402 Internship has ignited my passion for helping students express themselves through writing—furthering my desire to become an English professor. No class has ever inspired me in such soulful ways. Tutoring is so much more than I ever expected, and there is no feeling in the world quite like the knowledge that I made a difference in someone's life and education in a positive way. And if that isn't enough to convince you, all the other tutors I have had the pleasure of working with are genuine and caring individuals who are shaping up to be lifelong friends. So what are you waiting for?!"
~Ashley Reynolds

"In English 402, not only did we have a lot of fun while writing grammar exercises (you heard right), but we were also exposed to the versatile roles of the Writing Center tutor.  Mary Ann introduced concepts in a friendly and open-minded manner.  She really listens to her students and works hard so that everyone becomes more effective at tutoring.  English 402 helped me grow as a person, and that is a rare quality seldom found in a college class!"
~Joe Roberts

"The idea of tutoring was daunting to begin with, but everything about the English 402 course--classroom discussion, students will similar ambitions, Mary Ann, getting our feet wet in the Writing Center--has made the experience wholly enjoyable."
~Beau Baker

"The Writing Center is not only a welcoming place to work, but a safe haven in which we are given the freedom and courage to explore new possibilities within ourselves."
 ~Miriam Cross

"Working at the Writing Center has been one of my favorite college experiences.  I get to tutor people from all over the world, help them improve their writing and become a better writer myself!  I know that the skills I learned through English 402 and the Writing Center have made me better prepared for my career -- teaching English to high school students."
 ~Miranda Carman

"I'm very happy with the whole 402 and tutoring experience. It really changed me, my career path, and well my "life path" too, if that makes any sense. It is a very fond part of my life, and I will always remember it."
~Rebecca Memmott

"The internship in the Writing Center has benefited me in multiple ways. Having the opportunity to work with a variety of students--helping them find their own writing voice--has been a very rewarding experience in itself.  This is not even including the positive effect it has had on my own writing. My experience as a tutor has made writing come alive through other people's perspectives and made me confident in my own writing and grammar usage."
~Sydney Boyd

"Tutoring at the writing center is one of the more satisfying things that I have done.  Watching a student progress throughout a semester and knowing you played a part in that progression is something that I would recommend to anyone.  It has provided a solid foundation for my teaching by giving me valuable experience with student interaction and one-on-one instruction."
~Lucas Brown

"I love working at the Writing Center because reading various kinds and levels of papers here helps me in my own academic writing. Plus it also gives me an insight into the requirements and grading patterns of other instructors, which is helpful to the instructor in me."
~Sayantani Dasgupta

"Tutoring gives me the opportunity to help others, but it has also strengthened my own writing." 
~Amanda Pellett