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Eric Greenwell

Photo of Eric Greenwell

Eric Greenwell #34

Eric Greenwell, 6’0”, grew up in a river city in Quincy, Illinois, where he started balling at the local YMCA when he was six years old. His team was called "Hoop Jams," and he was not the captain. He wasn't even very good. But he was a quick learner. He was also tall and gangly and, after puberty, somewhat coordinated, which helped. For some reason, his height gave people the illusion that he was good, so he was often the third to last pick down at Johnson Park. He went on to play in high school, but, eventually, all the milk-fed farm boys of the Midwest caught up and surpassed him in height and ability in college. Instead of wallowing in sadness, he started writing poems to cope. Eric found a lot of time to write at the back of the bus when traveling to away games, and all his former teammates envied his mad sick metrics. Eric is now a first-year MFA poetry student at the University of Idaho. While Eric knows poetry is much more lucrative, he is always looking for an opportunity to resurrect his balling career. Little known fact: Eric was the Elks Western Illinois regional free throw competition champion of '94.  His mom still has the trophy.