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Graduate Thesis Titles

Johanna Heloise Abtahi - Ecopsychology in Nineteenth Century British Literature: Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South and the Poetry of Bysshe Shelley
Laurie Bailar - Space, Gender, and Patriarchal Subversion in Sister Carrie and Sex
Cody Hatch - The Seer and the Seen: On the Nature of Identity in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man
Chrystal Graham - "Zombie No Go Turn, Unless you Tell Am to Turn": Zombies in Nigerian Literature and Beyond
William Malgren - The Gospel According to Scrooge: An Analysis of A Christmas Carol's Presentation of Charles Dickens's Holy-Humanistic Christmas Religion
Allix Potratz-Lee - Mobile Motherhood: An Ecofeminist Analysis of Space, Gender, and Agency in Ruth Ozeki's Fiction

Jonathan Evans - Textual Fluidity: Moby Dick's Evolving Text and Cultural Significance.
Julie Mathers - U.S. Mass Media Framing of Climate Change in 2012
Miranda Million - Suzan-Lori Parks' The America Play and Topdog/Underdog: Refiguring Collective Memory and Post-memory Trauma through Theatrical Re-enactment
Marcus Cameron Pipkin - Strangers in a Strange Land: Locating the Frontier Man in Carlson's New West

Jacklinn Bennett - The Feminine Principle: Identity, Interdependence and Hospitality in Leslie Marmon Silko's Gardens in the Dunes
Patricia Cady - Networking the Sacred: Post human Rhetorics and the LDS Church
Christina Mangiapani - Reading for Dark Ecology: Exploring Ontological Ethics in Edgar Allan Poe and Edward Abbey
Melody Niesen - Stories of Nomadic Identities: Complex Elements of Class, Identity, and Space in the Works of Jack Kerouac
Navid Saberi-Najafi - A Shift from the Mainstream Class to the Cross-Cultural Option for ESL Writing Students.
Elyssa Spaeth - Sexual Violence and Mythology in Eudora Welty's Short Fiction.
April Strawn - Beowulf in the Secondary Classroom: Violence, Otherness, and Identity
Katherine Watts - Separation of the Domestic and Public in the Fiction and Nonfiction of Mary Robinson

John A. Dodd - Folk Hero
Kathryn E. Elgee - Magical and Mythic Realism in the Postcolonial American Mixedblood Novel
Nicholas Patrick Cooley - Radical Pastoral: Replacing Typee and Omoo Beneath the Green Lens
Stephanie Jamie Pung - Reading as a Non-Native Ally: Colonization and Resistance in Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues and Debra Magpie Earling's Perma Red
Leanne Ralstin - Water and the Search for Healing in Morrison's Beloved and Silko's Ceremony
Elizabeth Ellen Redmon - Theft, Poetry and Other Deadly Sins

Laura A. Powers - Elizabeth Gaskell’s Iconoclastic Fallen Woman Motif
Lucas Brown - Blame, Shame, and Expectations: The Rhetoric of Public Apology
Rhiannon B. Rogstad - "Cruelty is a Failure of the Imagination": Destiny and Empathy in the Fiction of Ian McEwan
Tanya Jolyne Thomas - 'Eyes Glittering with Tears': Interpreting Sentimentalism in Elizabeth Gaskell's North and South, Ruth and Charlotte Bronte's Villette

Wesley A. Andrews - The Rhetoric of Anxiety: What Your Self-Help Book Doesn't Tell You
Saba Gaffur - Gloria Anzaldua's Borderland's Poetry: Cultural Critique and Aquaduct Toward a World Without Borders
Savona D. Holmes - Language as a Healing Agent: Affecting and Effecting Change
Scott McNeill - Rhetorics of Attraction in Western Culture and Video Games
Genevieve Goddard-Pritchett - Phantasmagorical Culture: A Discussion of Disney as a Creator and Cultural Phenomenon

Jeremiah Burt - Becoming Prosthetic: The Gaming Avatar, Digital Text, and the Creation of a Networked Rhetorical Form
Ching-Wen Lan - The Natural Spirituality of Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching and Henry David Thoreau's Walden
Peter Stegner - Oscar Wilde's Gothic: The Presence of Edgar Allen Poe in The Picture of Dorian Grey
Heidi Trombley - Falling in Love: Stanley Kubrick's Approach to the Adaptive Process of Story to Script to Screen
Adam Yaghi - Evolution through Violence. Four Novels, One Path, One Destiny: Exploring Cormac McCarthy's Narrative of the Rise and Fall of the American Empire 

Shawna Andersen - Teaching Digital Rhetoric, a Workable Curriculum for Incorporating Digital Rhetoric into Freshman Composition
Nathanael Eoff - Caught in the Cave of Consumerism, an Analysis of Fight Club
Tomie Gowdy-Burke - Removing the LD Mask that Imprisons the Voices of Writers with Learning Disabilities
Laura Powers - Elizabeth Gaskell's Iconoclastic Fallen Woman Motif
Aaron Schab - Unrest and Rebirth in John Steinbeck's In Dubious Battle
Melinda White - Rhetorical Literacy, Response and Conventions

Ianina Arnold - Dialogism, Carnival and Identity in Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita
Daniel Christianson - The One and the Many: Jewish Figuration in Charles Dickens
Cheryl A. Dudley - Feminist revision of scripture in Marilynne Robinson's Housekeeping
Allison Machlis - "Nature erring from itself": The Unnatural Transgressions of Desdemona and Jessica in William Shakespeare's Othello and The Merchant of Venice
Christopher Ritter - Annular fiction: Recursion in the Works of David Foster Wallace
Patrick Rolland - Nowhere and Everywhere: Migration and National Allegory in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children
Ali Ayed Saeed Al-Shahrani - Error Analysis of Saudi Arabian Writers

Gail Z. Eckwright - Old West/new West in Molly Gloss's The jump-off creek and Wild life
Jerry Entze - "A Hard, Straight Picture": The Adapting of Steinbeck to Film
Rebecca M. Goodrich - Hard proposition: the Klondike diary and imaginary letters of Roscoe Ellsworth Young
Andrew J. Ploeg - Deconstruction and the Divine: Literature, Theosophy, and the Language of Truth
Michael Smith - The Sacred Profanity of Nothing: John Donne's Paradoxes and The First Anniversary
Jesse Thomas - Musical Intermediality in the Novels of Anthony Burgess

Tabetha Bissegger - From Orphan to Angel: The Evolution of Female Identity in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century British Fiction
Brian Clark - Moving Through the Dark: Emily Dickinson as Wisdom Poet
Danielle Jones - It is Her Eye/I That Lingers: The Crypt, Self-Portrait, and Specter in Linda Bierds' The Profile Makers
Clayn Lambert - Liminal Progressions and Rhetorical Development in The Life, History, and Unparalleled Sufferings of John Jea, the African Preacher, Written and Compiled by Himself.
Leisa McCormick - Negotiating Roles in the On-Line Classroom
Molly Michaud - Conquering the "Regne of Femenye": The Dynamics of Power in Chaucer's Knight's Tale
Charles Noble - The Hunter Figure in American Culture: Land Relationships and Representations of Violence
Gwen Sullivan - Guides for the Lost and Wandering: Functions of Riddles and Music in The Hobbitt and The Lord of the Rings
Lisa Tauber-Freeman - The Heart of Motherhood and Motherhood's Heart: Reading the 'Maternal' in Mary Shelley's The Last Man and Lodore

Yulia Borisova - "Exploring the 'Frontiers of Consciousness': Music in T. S. Eliot's Four Quartets and Andrey Bely's Second Symphony
Nathanael Gilbert - Dreams of Paradise, Visions of Utopia: Myth Making in Three Prose Romances by William Morris
Laura Gruber - Writing the West: The Literary Landscapes of Mary Hallock Foote
Monica Hafer - Beowulf, Zarathustra, and Batman: The Communicative Nature of Texts Through Time
Deokja Kim - Survey of Korean Students' Attitudes Toward an Emphasis on English in Korea
Shawn Rider - New Medium, New Masters: Daniel Clowes and the Making of American Comics Literature
Patricia Thomas - 'All That Men Desire': The Plurality of Gender, Desire and Form in Christopher Marlowe's "Hero and Leander"
Thomas Woodley - Moving Toward Stasis: A Textual-Ethical Consideration of the "Elect" in John Fowles' The Magus

William Boni - Contemporary Falconry Literature as Nature Writing: An Ecocritical Interpretation
Kent Sweeney - Reader Response Criticism of the Good Samaritan Parable

M.F.A. Thesis Titles

Alexandra McKinley Schoen - Shadow and Light
Amy A. Whitcomb - Anima, Animale: A Series of Essays
Cara Nicole Stoddard - Spirography
Esme Elizabeth Dutcher - Feral Love Songs: Short Stories
Jamaica Ritcher - Little Moons: Essays
Jeremy Curtis Vetter - To See the Monarchs Burning
Jory Mikael Mickelson - Everything That Hinders
Joseph Francis Montesano - Notes From An Ancient World
Kelly Suzanne Roberts - Angle of the Sun and Other Stories
Kevin Joseph Murphy - Our Conversations Seem to Always Be Like This
Kristen Nicole Blanton - Bountiful Baskets & Other Stories
Laura Marie Pizzo - Take This
Michael Muirhead Benedict - Abby
Sonya Jeanne Dunning - What Remains: Notes from the Field of Foreclosure
Sandi Day - Tell Me What I know

Aaron Matthew Poor - The Port of Embarkation
Amy Lichtenbaum Ross - L'Histoire de la Paiva: A Seduction
Ann Elizabeth Stebner Steele - Wind, Sage, and Bone: Essays of a Wyoming Woman
Clara Stefanie Shuttleworth - The Mausoleum of Regrets
Matthew Charles Zambito - That's Why They Shot Lincoln and Other Lame Excuses
Matthew Chase Colton - What We Are Now
Nathaniel F. Cotts - These Rude Beasts
Theresa Ann Lingrey - Esther and the German
Warren Alan Bromley-Vogel - Homage to Mister Berryman

Abigail Susan Blank - Breathing Underwater
Anesa Miller - Our Orbit, Excerpt from a Novel
Chelsia A. Rice - Tough Enough
Craig Edmund Buchner - Life Without Fire and Other Stories
Deborah Ricks - One Hand Held Up High
Jennifer Joy Yeats - Nightwalk
John Alan Dodd - Folk Hero
Mary Margaret Morgan - Space-Time
Molly Kathleen Schultz - Litany of My Mother and Other Essays
Steve C. Helm - The God of the Gaps
Theresa Ann Gaffney - Alive and Burning

Matthew Kermit Bauman - Bonds and Boundaries
Craig E. Buchner—Life Without Fire and Other Stories
Scott Onak - The Seventh Hour
Deborah Ricks - One Hand Held Up High
David Michael Thacker - The River Conception
Anna Dominica Vodicka - Hope is a Thing 

Daniel Berkner - This Time in Purgatory
Sayantani Dasgupta - House of Nails and Other Essays
Robb Kunz - The Gay Boy Rides a Bus
Elizabeth A. Lampman - Yellow Star Thistle
Andrew Millar - Well and Feeling Fine
Russell Richardson - Tuba Confidential
Kendall Sand - Clowning for Beginners
Laura A. Powers--Speak

Kelly Blikre - Shift Work: A Novel in Progress
Brittney Carman - Groundwork: Essays
Robert Campbell - Millenium: Stories
Joshua E. Cilley - Occupational Hazards
Steven Coughlin - Getting it Right
Bryan Fry - Between Here and There
Todd Imus - Grown Up Wrong
Jeff Lepper - Toward Water: Essays
Michael Lewis - You Knew By Touching Her What People Meant When They Said the Dead Had Passed
Jerry D. Mathes - An Unfamiliar Place: Stories
Claire O'Connor - Lariam Dreams
Virginia Shank - The Bringer of Morning Rain
Elizabeth Sloan - When Songbirds Returned to Paris
Kimberly Verhines - The Blue Hour Before Sunrise
Alice Maahs Yaghi - Waiting to Return

Andrea J. Berical - Vacationland
Rachel Berry - The Danger in Sleeping Beside You
Michael Filipowski - The Reluctant Ski Bum: Collected Essays
Anna Fortner - The Heat that Keeps Them Running
Nicholas George - Take Over
Benjamin Gotschall - Where it Happened: Poems
Lucas Howell - Primitive Road
Justin Jainchill - Bad World
Sara Kaplan - Moon Talk
Jill Kupchik - The Desire Manuscripts
Jonathan Rovner - A Drunkship of Cobblers
Joe Wilkins - Ragged Point Road  

Brad Babin - South of Little Rock and Other Stories
Lissy Goralnik - The Edge of Wilderness
Brandon Schrand - Ender's Hotel: A Memoir
Rochelle Smith - Wheeling Stranger
Lindsay Wilson - Low Company

Ben George - Eleven Kinds of Longing
Jordan Hartt - Mine Eyes to the Hills
Jeffrey P. Jones - House of Mortals: A People, a Place, and the Making of America's Deadliest School Disaster
Nate Lowe - At the Edge of the Field
Sean Prentiss - Pantheon of Loss

Paul David Cockeram - Saturdays Remain the Same
Jen Hirt - Under Glass
Cynthia J. Hollenbeck - The Cobbler's Daughter
Morgan Hunsaker - Glacé
Stephanie Lenox - Congress of Strange People
Lily Mabura - On the Slopes of Mt. Kenya
Monica Mankin - Notes from the Cadaver Room
Georgia Tiffany Toppe - Playing the Appassionata Again
Alisha Valenzuela - Skating the Palace

Trudy Barnes - The Grotesque Experience: A Play and Two Stories
Karen Hausdoerffer - The Bones of My Hands
Brently Johnson - Looking Through Clear Water
Taya Noland - Dancing on the Ruins
Jessamyn Schnackenberg - Scopophilia
Pamela Yenser - Bundle of Nerves: Introductory Interview and Poems

Shannon Densmore - A Chorus of Dreams
Corinne Flowers - illuminata
Sheryl Grant - Falling Full Circle: A Disease, a Dam, and a Woman's Fight with Depression
Mary Ann Hudson - Wild Yam Dreaming
Clark Karoses - The Way We're Made
Andrea Mason - Jaguar
Kathleen Miller - Marginal Worlds
Matthew Vadnais - Real-Time Video of Dead People You Want to Have Coffee With: Cover Stories and an Original Novella

Savannah Barnes - Monkey Girls
Matthew Blackburn - The DisSolution
Eric Isaacson - Alter Ego
Alletha Saunders - Blue Under the Moon
Matthew Sullivan - Beneath Vietnam, A Novel
Eric Wahl  - The Tear-Down Artist

Nancy Casey - Birds of a Feather
Debra Hieronymus - Mending Glass
Ryan Witt - The Story of Falling: A Collection of Poems

Paula Coomer - Indiana Girl
Jason Steed

1999 was the first year that it was possible to earn an M.F.A. degree in Creative Writing at the University of Idaho.