English 501-01: Short Fiction: Skills for the Common Core

ENGL 501-01
Short Fiction: Skills for the Common Core (2 credits)
Instructor: Joy Passanante
June 16-27, Monday - Friday, 7:30a.m. - 10:20a.m.

Joy Passanante

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In this course we will immerse ourselves in the intricate world of fiction.  We’ll get practice in analyzing the craft and effects of fiction through reading stories by Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro as well as by a cornucopia of other critically acclaimed 20th and 21st century writers. Our focus will be on ways to develop and apply skills and abilities mandated by Common Core Standards. These include the understanding and analysis of fiction’s narration techniques, structure, point of view, pacing, and character and thematic development. The course will also explore the roles of ambiguity and multiple interpretations in texts; we will practice ways to read fiction to gather textual evidence to support literal narration as well as inference and nuance.  We will also write a series of brief exercises drawing on real or imagined events.  Most of the assigned stories will be available online several months before the beginning of the course so that students may get a head start on reading.