Grace Nixon English Institute 2014


The UI English department continues to explore options for helping in-service language arts instructors earn Professional Development or graduate-level degree credits TUITION FREE.* 

A new feature is a “two-fer”: A 2-credit/2-week course offered by veteran Nixon instructor Joy Passanante, followed immediately in the same time slot by a 1-credit/1-week course offered by Barb Kirchmeier, both focused on developing skills to deliver Common Core Standards.  See course descriptions below.

Two three-credit classes will run concurrently.  David Sigler returns to the Nixon Institute faculty to offer Teaching Romantic Poetry, blending the familiar (Wordsworth, Keats, Byron) with the less familiar, and focusing on the uses of poetry as a central part of a twenty-first century language arts education.  A brilliant recent arrival to the UI English faculty, Erin James provides a chance to examine literature from outside the U.S. or British traditions in “Is English We Speaking”: Language as Cultural Experience in Caribbean and African Literature.  Her writers include Chinua Achebe, Bob Marley, Sam Selvon, and Ngugi wa Thiong’o, as well as some postcolonial theorists.

Aaron Schab returns to offer a 1-week certification course for teaching a dual-credit English 175, Introduction to Literary Genres.  Teachers who have already been certified to offer English 101 will re-convene for a refresher and upgrade with Barb Kirchmeier.  These sessions, to be scheduled July 14th - July 18th, will be available via video in remote locations.

To apply for admission to any of these classes, complete the application form (link below).   Priority deadline for scholarship consideration is March 3.  Please make sure we have your application form by that date, even if you haven’t yet completed an application to UI.

Grace Nixon Application is available HERE

Check the Summer Session website for information about enrollment at U-Idaho.

*We guarantee full tuition payment for teachers who are degree-seekers in the department’s M.A.T. program, and we’ll also pay for housing.  Second priority, if funding is available, are teachers not yet in the degree program but who nonetheless want to earn credit toward a possible degree.  Third funding priority is Idaho teachers wishing to enroll for Professional Development credit.  Our goal is to fund everyone, at least partially.

For more information about the 2014 Institute, contact Gary Williams ( or call 208-885-6156.