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MFA Thesis

The MFA thesis will take the form of a collection of poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction. The thesis can also be a novel or a book-length piece of nonfiction. Here's more thesis information from the College of Graduate Studies.

An oral defense of the thesis is required. The defense is intended to test the student’s ability to articulately discuss the creative process, intellectual and creative influences, chosen genre, aesthetic perspective, design and intent.



Study Plan

Students should complete the Study Plan during their final fall semester. You access this form via VandalWeb.  It's a fairly straightforward form - except for the multiple Parts section. This is the area where one details the courses taken during the course of study.  To alleviate any confusion, please follow this organization:

PART ONE:  The 15 credits in grad level creative writing workshops

PART TWO:   The 15 credits in grad-level literature courses

PART THREE:  The techniques course

PART FOUR:  The three DVW credits (in the Notes, you may list which
semesters you took these workshops)

PART FIVE:  The 9 thesis credits (again in the Notes, list which
semesters you took Engl 500, and for how many credits)

PART SIX:  The 9 elective credits