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Wait List System


(These procedures apply to all classes that have wait lists.)

When all the sections of a course for which you want to register are full, you can put yourself on the wait list. When you do so, your name will be entered into the wait list system, and you will be automatically registered for the course when a space opens up for you at the time you selected.

The wait list system is in effect only through the first eight days of the semester (the drop-add period). When that period ends, the wait lists that still exist are deleted.

How the Wait List System Works

Each hour the wait list program runs on the Registrar's computer. This program looks for spaces in all courses that have wait lists. When the program finds a space in the class, it then looks at ALL the students on the wait list for that particular time. It then takes the student who has been waiting the longest and registers that student in the course. It then deletes the student from all other wait lists for that course.

If you are added to a course through the wait list system, the program will also send an e-mail message to your official UI e-mail account informing you that you are now registered for the course. If you have not done so already, activate your e-mail account by logging on at

In a multi-section course such as English 101 or 102, there are often several sections at the same time. For these courses, the wait list program groups all of the students who are waiting at a particular time, sorts them into order with the oldest date at the top of the list, and then registers the students in that order. So, even though you may have put yourself on the wait list for a particular section, and may even have been the first one to do so, the program will first register someone else who was waiting longer in a different section IF that section is at the same time as yours. It's the number of people in a particular time that matters, not the number of people waiting for a particular section. This also means that it is unnecessary to put yourself on several wait lists for classes that meet at the same time. However, it is to your advantage to be on wait lists at as many different time slots as possible.

If you are registered for 18 or more credits, the wait list system will not add you to a three-credit class. However, you may still put yourself on a wait list. You can move up the wait list, but when your turn to be registered finally comes, the program will pass over you to take the next person if you are still registered for 18 or more credits. If you want to be added to a course through the wait list system, your total number of credits must be 17 or less.

If you plan to register for more than 20 credits, you cannot use the wait list system. Instead, you must get the permission of your dean to register for more than 20 credits, and you must register for the course using a Drop/Add Form.

If you are a non-degree-seeking student, the system will not register you for a three-credit course if you are already registered for five or more credits. (Non-degree-seeking students are limited to a maximum of seven credits.)

How to Put Yourself on the Wait List for an English Class

Follow these steps if all sections of the course for which you can register are full:

  1. In the Registration module, click on the button at the bottom marked "Search." This will give you a screen that asks you to enter information about the course you want to search for.
  2. Select "English" in the first scroll bar. Type the number of the course you are searching for in the box labeled "by course number" (e.g., 101 or 102).
  3. Do not specify any more search criteria and press the button at the bottom. This will give you a list of all the English courses of that number (all the English 101 or all the English 102 courses). If any of them has an opening, you will see that indicated in the information after each course. If all courses are full, the third column of enrollment information will say "WL," which means there is a wait list available.
  4. Put a check box next to classes that are at times at which you can take the course. Be sure to check classes of ALL the times when you are available. It is not necessary to check all the courses at a single time--just one course is all you need (it doesn't hurt to check more, but it doesn't make the wait list program work any faster or better). Keep in mind that you might get registered at any of the times you check, so don't check times when you won't be able to attend the class.
  5. Click the "Register" button at the bottom of the screen (you may have to scroll down to see this). The screen will then return to the list of courses for which you are registered. If all courses are full, you will see several courses listed below the message about there being "Registration Errors." Usually, the explanation will be that the course is full. Click the drop-down menu labeled "Action" at the start of each course listed under "Registration Errors" and select "Wait List."
  6. Click the "Submit Changes" button. You should see the same screen, only this time the courses for which you have been wait listed for will appear in your list of the courses for which you are registered.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are wait listed for a course, you are NOT yet registered. For writing classes, especially English 101 and 102, you should NOT attend class until you are registered. This is because it is not possible to know exactly which section you will be going into. Each section is a little different, and it is not good to do the homework for the wrong section.