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Department of English

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Brink Hall 200
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English Department
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Moscow, Idaho

Intermediate & Advanced Composition Courses

The University of Idaho offers several intermediate and advanced-level composition courses that offer more specialized instruction in writing.

All advanced writing courses--English 207, 208, 209, 309, 313, 317, and 440--have English 102 as a prerequisite. In addition, English 317 requires you to have already earned at least 58 credits (you must have junior status). English 313 is recommended for students who are juniors and seniors or for students in the College of Business and Economics who have taken some business courses; you must have at least sophomore standing to take English 313.

Three intermediate-level courses are required by certain majors, and offer more advanced instruction in certain types of academic writing:
  • English 207 Persuasive Writing
  • English 208 Personal and Exploratory Writing
  • English 209 Inquiry-Based Writing

Three professional writing courses emphasize writing in the workplace or in preparation for specific careers:
  • English 309 Advanced Prose Writing
  • English 313 Business Writing
  • English 317 Technical Writing

A senior-level course in studies in rhetoric is offered for students in the Writing minor and for those who wish to have a more in-depth look at rhetorical issues (this course also counts as a 400-level course toward the English major). This course is usually offered in the spring of each year:
  • English 440 Reading, Writing, and Rhetoric