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College of
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phone: (208) 885-6426
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Lesson Plans

Teachers Manual: “A Peculiar Evil: A History of Silencing Expression in America

These lesson plans are designed for high school and college students studying the U.S. Constitution, American history, civics and media law. They are also appropriate for students studying media history. *

The lessons conform to Idaho Content Standards

(9-12: American Government):

  • 9-12.G.4.3.4
  • 9-12.G.4.4.1
  • 9-12.G.4.4.4

(9-12: U. S. History II/Civics & Government):

  • 9-12.USH2.4.3.1
  • 9-12.USG2.4.3.2
  • 9-12.G.4.4

The materials on this site were borrowed or adapted from lessons and activities produced by an array of experts:

  • The National Humanities Center
  • Early America web site
  • The American Memory Project at the Library of Congress
  • The web site
  • New York State Courts
  • The Alabama Department of Archives & History web site
  • The University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law “Famous Trials” website
  • The website; the Humanities Lab at Stanford University
  • The National Endowment for the Humanities Edsitement web site
  • The National Archives and Records Administration web site
  • The U.S. Senate web site
  • The Independence Hall Association U.S. History web site
  • The Wisconsin Historical Society WHistory web site
  • The First World War web site; University of Texas-Austin Open web site (OWS)
  • Northern Illinois University – Illinois Historical Journal
  • Marxist Internet Archive
  • Newspapers in Education Program
  • The New York Times teachers’ web site
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Freedom Forum, Legal Information Institute at Cornell University
  • The Library of America Reporting Civil Rights web site
  • PBS “The Black Press” web site
  • American Journalism Review teachers’ web site
  • The National Security Archive