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Research Team

Research Team
Kaila Akina
Doctoral Student/Volunteer
Kaila Akina is a native of Boise, Idaho, and she recently graduated from the University of Idaho with degrees in History and French. Her main interest is in historical archaeology. She has worked on the New Philadelphia Project and Dr. Camp's Kooskia Internment Camp Project. What draws her to historical archaeology is its inter-disciplinary nature and the chance to uncover stories about recent peoples.
Amanda Haught-Bielmann, M.A.
Field Laboratory Director
Amanda earned her M.A. in anthropology with an emphasis in historical archaeology from the University of Montana in August 2010. Her thesis work focused on the cultural identity of a Swedish homestead located just east of Moscow, Idaho. For the past four years Amanda has been the laboratory director for the Sandpoint Archaeological Project, curating close to 600,000 turn of the twentieth century artifacts. Her research interests include laboratory and collections management, nineteenth and twentieth century material culture with an emphasis on ceramics, patterns of consumption, identity and the American West, as well as the culture of the domestic sphere including home life and family dynamics of the West. Amanda has recently moved to the Boise area with her husband and is excited to explore the many opportunities for research the Treasure Valley has to offer.
Stacey Camp, PhD.
Co-Principal Investigator
Stacey Camp specializes in historical archaeology, tourism, critical race theory, and the 19th and early 20th century Western United States.
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Jessica Goodwin
Graduate Student Researcher and Crew Chief
Jessica Goodwin graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2012 with a B.A. in Anthropology. She moved to Moscow, ID to pursue an M.A. in Anthropology at the University of Idaho. She has worked as an archaeological technician throughout Nevada and Idaho, and her interests include historical archaeology, zooarchaeology, and foodways.
Ashlee Hart
Undergraduate Archaeological Intern
My name is Ashlee Hart and I am originally from Boise, Idaho. I am double majoring in history and anthropology with a dream of going on to a graduate program in archaeology. I would really like to focus upon the classical time period and how it looked across a world comparison. My passion for archaeology started way back in eighth grade and from that point forward discovering things about the past has fascinated me.
Aaron Ivie
High School Student
I have lived in Moscow all of my life. I am a junior at the Idaho Virtual Academy. I play club Ice Hockey and Lacrosse and have played Rugby and Football. In my 7th year as a 4-H member, I am currently a State Ambassador, Camp Counselor for 4 years, and attended Know You Government for 3 years. I became interested in Archaeology through a class I took the last 2 years at 4-H Teen Conference at the University of Idaho. I have always loved history and became interested in Archaeology as a way of discovering history and how people lived before us. I hope to attend the University of Idaho and major in Archaeology.
Tim Mace, M.A.
Project Volunteer
My name is Timothy Mace. I graduated from the University of Idaho with my Master’s Degree in Anthropology in May 2012. I am currently trying to get as much experience as possible, and was recently excavating in New Mexico with Dr. Andrew Duff from Washington State University. Much of my course work during my Master’s program was focused on Historic Archaeology and I am excited to have the opportunity to do some related field work.
Patty Miller, Project Partner
Executive Director, Basque Museum and Cultural Center
Patty Miller is a third generation Idahoan, and is Basque. Patty Received her B.A. degrees in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Idaho, and has completed Public Administration coursework at Boise State University. Patty was a founding Board Member for the Basque Museum, and served on the Board from 1985 to 1993. In 1993, she became the Basque Museum's Executive Director. Patty is active in Basque cultural organizations, including Oinkari Basque Dancers; Biotzetic Basque Choir; and Guapasa Basque Folk Band. She is Past President of the Boise Museum Association and the Idaho Association of Museums.
Emily Moes
Undergraduate Archaeological Intern
Always having traveled a lot throughout my life, I absolutely love seeing the differences between people in different places, in addition to learning what those in the past were like since I couldn't witness it myself. Living in Boise, I get a wonderful mix of the people who live in Idaho, especially while at school in Moscow where I study Anthropology and Spanish.
Marc Münch, Project Partner
Archaeologist, Idaho Department of Transportation
Marc Münch has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology from Boise State University and a Master of Arts degree in Anthropology from the University of Montana. He has worked as a professional archaeologist for the past 17 years (9 years as an archaeologist for the Boise National Forest and 8 years for the Idaho Transportation Department). Marc has worked on archaeological projects in Idaho, Oregon, California, Montana, and New Mexico. Marc has worked extensively on projects in the Boise Basin (Centerville, Placerville, Idaho City areas) that delt with the Archaeology of the Oversees Chinese in the American West, and managed the largest archaeological project ever completed (both in terms of scope and budget) in the State of Idaho (ITD's Sandpoint Byway Project). Marc has taught as adjunct faculty in Anthropology at CWI since 2008.
Tracy Schwartz, M.A.
Project Ethnographer & Public Outreach Coordinator
Elk River, Idaho was not the most exciting of places to grow up, but it instilled in me a lasting love for the Gem State and everything Idaho. I graduated from Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois with a double major in Politics and Communications, and a minor in History in 2010. In the Summer of 2012 I completed my Masters in Anthropology from the University of Idaho, where I was incredibly fortunate to work with the Nez Perce Tribe and look at modern day courtship and marriage as a form of Indigenous resistance. Even though my passion lies with socio-cultural anthropology and Native American issues, I am incredibly excited to work with the Basque in Boise and explore a new culture while helping to make archaeology more accessible to the public at large. And nothing sounds better than spending my summer blocks away from the capital building in the "City of Trees"! In September I will be beginning a Masters in Historic Preservation program at the University of Oregon in Eugene. When I am not in school I enjoy traveling, wax museums, and cats. My guilty pleasures include: bad reality TV, celebrity gossip, and reading culinary mysteries.
Michael Vogt, Project Partner
Curator of Collections & Exhibitions, Basque Museum & Cultural Center
Michael Vogt has been the Curator of Collections & Exhibitions at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center since 2009. Prior to moving to Boise, he worked as Registrar & Collections Manager at Hancock Shaker Village in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Michael has a Bachelors Degree in History from Rutgers University in New Jersey and a Masters Degree in Historical Administration from Eastern Illinois University. Since his arrival at the Basque Museum, Michael has been involved in the creation of a large exhibition, Hidden in Plain Sight: The Basques. He has also worked on many projects involving the museum’s collection as well as managing the creation of the museum’s new website in early 2012.
Mark Warner, PhD.
Co-Principal Investigator
Mark Warner is an historical archaeologist who has worked in many parts of the U.S. His principal interests lie in zooarchaeolgy/foodways and the archaeology of the disenfranchised.
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