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ASI Curatorial Guidelines

Basic Policy

The repositories accept collections for long-term curation only under provisions of Curation Agreements or Memoranda of Understanding for curation services with the owners of the collections. Curation of federal collections in conducted in accordance with the provisions of 36 CFR 79.

In some circumstances a repository may accept a collection as a gift which transfers titles of the collection to the host institution managing the repository only those collections which meet the accessioning policy of the host institution will be considered as potential gifts. Transfer of titles must be finalized prior to, or concurrently with, submission of the collection to the repository.

The collections manager of the host institution must be notified when projects are planned which will result in the curation of materials at the repository. The owner of the collection will provide the following information:

  1. The location and scope of the archaeological project 
  2. Name and address of the parties managing the project 
  3. Name and addresss of owners of the project collection 
  4. The anticipated nature and volume of the collection

In addition to this notice, the owner shall notify the Collections Manager of proposed delivery of materials at least thirty (30) days prior to the delivery of the collection to the repository.

It is the responsibility of the owner of a collection to insure the archaeological materials are cleaned, sorted, labeled, catalogued, documented, conserved, and packaged, in accordance with these standards. The repositories will accept only those collections which have received this initial processing. A repository may agree to accept a substandard collection under a service contract which will cover the direct and indirect costs incurred in bringing the collection up to acceptable standards.

This policy statement provides guidance on general standards for collections. Each repository had specific requirements which reflect differences in details of the physical plant, staffing, and host institution operating rules.

Recovery of Costs

The repositories charge for direct and indirect costs incurred in the inspection, inventory, storage, handling, and computer data entry, resulting from processing a collection into a repository for long-term curation.

The repositories will also charge for direct and indirect costs incurred in processing collections for "for-profit" and uses and for off-site "non-profit" loans which result in significant and expenditure of staff time or material costs to package and ship the collection, and to certify the outgoing and returning inventory of material. Charges will not normally be assessed for "non-profit" on-site use of collections unless such use required significant support by the repository's staff.

Human Remains

Human remains associated with archaeological collections are not considered "artifacts" and must be dealt with in accordance with Chapter 5, Title 2, Idaho Code and the Native American Graces Protection and Repatriation Act.