Getting Your Money

Financial aid is first used to pay for University of Idaho charges (credit and lab fees, etc.). If financial aid has not paid all university charges, you must make arrangements with Student Accounts to pay the remaining balance.

If financial aid has paid all university charges and there are leftover funds (residual funds), you can opt for a direct deposit to your specified savings or checking account. You also may use residual financial aid and/or scholarships to make deposits on your Vandal Card with your billing statement.

Initial direct deposits to bank accounts are disbursed electronically, usually on the Friday before the semester begins. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit of their residual financial aid.  It is particularly important for students who are not on the Moscow campus (those at off-campus sites, on national student exchange or study abroad) to arrange for direct deposit each academic year.

To sign up for direct deposit of financial aid, follow these steps:    
  • Login to VandalWeb with your ID and PIN
  • Go to the “Student Account Information” menu
  • Go to the “Direct Deposit Information” menu
  • Have your bank account and routing numbers ready

An alternative to direct deposit is to have the residuals sent by mail. Contact the Student Accounts office to make arrangements to have your residuals mailed to your address during the first week of classes if you have not selected direct deposit for the current academic year.