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Nondegree Seeker

If you are a nondegree seeker, you will need to complete the following Nondegree Application form to apply for nondegree admission and register for your classes. A person admitted as a nondegree seeking student who wants to take undergraduate courses must (1) be a high school graduate or have completed the GED; (2) understand that acceptance in this category doe not constitute acceptance to a degree granting program; (3) have sufficient educational background to qualify for the course(s) in which enrollment is sought; (4) accept personal responsibility for the applicability of credits earned while registered in this category; and (5) be aware that nondegree seeking students are not eligible for federal or state financial aid.

Nondegree seeking students may register for no more than 7 credits each semester and may complete a maximum of 32 semester credits.

Note on credit policy at the University of Idaho: Graduate students can take up to 12 credits without submitting a formal application. Undergraduate students can take 32 credits as nondegree seeking before they stop applying towards a bachelor's.
Once you are in the system you will register online and follow these steps:
  1. Click on Student Information / Registration Menu
  2. Next, click on Registration Menu
  3. Choose the term
  4. Next, click on Add/Drop Classes
  5. Enter class registration numbers (CRNs) and click Submit Changes button
  6. Find CRN’s in the Class Schedule online at:

Registration for Fall semester starts in early April and registration is open until classes begin in August. Registration for Spring semester starts in early November and registration is open until classes begin in January. Registration for Summer semester starts in early April and registration is open until classes begin.

We highly recommend registering as early as possible because classes can fill quickly.