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Shiva Rastogi and Kevin Haler BNAL
Developing Faster, More Accurate Biosensors and Monitoring the Health of Local
Biosensors and Nanotechnology Applications Laboratory (BNAL)
Featuring Nanotechnologies Researcher Dr. Shiva Rastogi
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Two students at Women in Science
Bringing Women into Science
Begins with Understanding What Girls Want from the Lab
Women in Science 2010
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Trout research
Trout + Trout = Salmon?
Research in the Department of Biological Sciences
Joe Cloud, professor of biological sciences, is attempting to use rainbow trout as surrogate parents to increase the sockeye salmon population in Redfish Lake.
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Laurel Branen
$1.1 Million Grant Funds Nutrition Experts' to Combat Childhood Obesity
Two University of Idaho faculty study the perceptions of parents and childcare providers
The grant will help parents and childcare operators better address issues of childhood obesity
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Scientists’ Research Explodes onto the Web
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