New KTEC Teachers to Receive Training Through U-Idaho-Coeur d’Alene

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho – Kootenai Technical Education Campus director Mark Cotner has announced a cooperative relationship with the University of Idaho to provide courses in Coeur d'Alene for KTEC faculty seeking professional-technical teacher certification.

Cotner said KETC enrollment is now at 900 students, exceeding enrollment capacity, so the need for certified instructors is great. Industry experts will be hired for all KTEC programs and University of Idaho will provide the teacher training.

John Cannon, University of Idaho career and technical education program coordinator, explained that courses, such as teaching methods, assessment techniques and curriculum development, would be provided through the university’s Coeur d'Alene Center under the direction of Robert Ketchum. Ketchum was recently hired to serve the alternatively certified Professional-Technical Education – or PTE – teachers in northern Idaho.

"These courses are required for all industry professionals, including those who will teach at KTEC," said Cotner. "This partnership with the university allows professional-technical educators to remain in the region as they earn and renew their certification. Certifications ensure quality instructors and meet Idaho teacher requirements."

PTE courses will be offered for high school students at the KTEC in Rathdrum.

"Economic development depends on a skilled workforce," said Cotner. "The KTEC is poised to become a critical component in North Idaho's regional economy.

The University of Idaho is the leading university in the Pacific Northwest for career and technical teacher education, making it a great fit for this partnership, said Cotner. The university prepares teachers for the PTE content areas of agriculture and natural resources, business and marketing, engineering and technology, family and consumer sciences, health occupations and skilled and technical sciences.

"This agreement will serve as a model for public school and university cooperation in professional-technical education," Cotner added.
Robert Ketchum

will direct the alternatively certified Professional-Technical Education program in northern Idaho.