Academic Advisors

Julie Amador
Julie Amador, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Professional Noticing in the Design and Enactment of Elementary Mathematics Lessons
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Juli Anderson, Administrative Assistant
phone: (208) 667-2588
fax: (208) 769-2026
Advisor: English and General Studies
Kathy Canfiled-Davis
Kathy Canfield-Davis, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Department Chair
Research interests: Social Justice, women in leadership, human rights, K-12 policy and governance and educational leadership.
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John Cannon
John G. Cannon, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, CTE Programs
Dr. Cannon's research interests are in the area of Career and Technical Education teacher professional development and CTE alternative certification.
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Paul Gathercoal
Paul Gathercoal, Ph.D.
Professor & Chair
Research interests: Webfolios in education and teaching and learning at a distance; Neuroscience, behavior and cognition; Research on the implementation of Judicious Discipline in schools; the Effects of violent media messages on individuals and society; Service learning and innovative technologies; and the Metacognitive and metalinguistic links between media literacy and reading comprehension.
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Gwen Kelley, Advisor & Outreach Specialist, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences
phone: (208) 666-6732
fax: (208) 664-1272
Anne Liu Kern
Anne Liu Kern, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Science Education
Research interests: Science teaching and learning; science knowledge development; STEM integration for science understanding; integration of Indigenous knowledge and cultural relevance with western STEM.
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Dr. Robert G. Ketchum, Career and Technical Education
phone: (208) 651-3100
Advisor: Careert and Technical Education
Mellissa McConnell
Melissa McConnell, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor
Research interests: Literacy Intervention for Children with Learning Disabilities; Response to Intervention(RTI); Early Childhood Literacy Instruction
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Laura Holyoke
Laura Holyoke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Research Focus: Organizational Health & Sustainability, Organizational Learning in Higher Education, Organizational Culture and Leadership
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Mary Orr
Mary Jaglois Orr, Ph.D.
Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Northwest Inland Writing Project (NIWP)
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Wanda Quinn
Wanda Quinn J.D., Program Development Specialist
phone: (208) 292-2531
Wanda is in charge of program development with special emphasis in professional development and programs such as the geographic information systems (GIS) certificate, executive master of business administration (EMBA) program and special workshops and series of Northern Idaho. She is also a key community liaison with a regular presence at area Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club events and activities.
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Dr. Richard Reardon, Associate Dean, College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences and Psychology Professor
phone: (208) 292-2523
fax: (208) 667-5275
Adviser: Psychology, Organizational Sciences, Interdisciplinary Studies
Yvonne Sertich, Executive Director, Executive Education Program (EMBA)
phone: (208) 885-8880