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Tyde Sirk

Tyde Sirk - Graue Scholar

The academic and learning component of college is more than exams, papers, and projects. College is a time to network with the people who will become the leaders of tomorrow and a time to get valuable career related experience without the pressures that accompany a first job. I was able to experience both of these through two organizations that I am honored to be a part of: the Graue Scholars program and Vandal Solutions.

Even before I attended the University of Idaho, I had the opportunity to begin building my network, at a Graue Scholars meet-and-greet. As a prospective student, I was able to meet and talk with current students from a wide array of backgrounds and interests as well as meet and build relationship with the faculty and staff who would help me throughout my college career. After I began attending the University of Idaho, this networking continued. I developed friendships and professional ties with my fellow students and a strong rapport with a majority of the faculty and staff at the College of Business and Economics.

Through this network, I was able to take part in another fantastic experiential learning experience: Vandal Solutions. Another Graue and current Vandal Solutions member told me about the group. From my entry-level sales position to my current role as President, I have learned more about running a business and managing people than any course could have ever taught me. In Vandal Solutions, one is given the opportunity to “learn business by doing business.” Through Vandal Solutions, I have been able to apply every principle and concept I have learned in class immediately and directly on real cases, projects, and problems. Not only is this the elusive “resume gravy” but it also provides better exam preparation than any study group or “cram session”; by immediately applying the concepts and analyzing the results of the decision, the lesson becomes more real and concrete.

Besides the experience and opportunities available, Vandal Solutions provides another opportunity to network and build connections. The quality and caliber of students selected to participate in Vandal Solutions is exceptional and these student contacts will be valuable connections throughout my career. In addition, Vandal Solutions has allowed me to strengthen the connections I have with the College of Business and Economics’ faculty and staff. These connections not only enrich the college experience but also provide future contacts, recommendations, and mentors who will prove to be invaluable long after I leave this university.

It has been an honor to participate in these organizations during my tenure at the University of Idaho. I have had the honor of receiving various awards and recognitions offered by the College of Business and Economics, but as humbled and grateful as I am for being selected for these awards, the connections and experience I have received are far more valuable. I would not have these opportunities without the support and constant motivation of my parents, and I can never thank them enough for all they have done for me. Thank you to the professors of this great college for all the hours you have invested in my education and growth as a business professional. In addition, thank you to Dean Jack Morris. Through your support of experiential learning throughout our college and the openness and accessibility, you maintain that creates a positive learning atmosphere in the College of Business and Economics that is unmatched in other colleges.