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Joey Burchard

Joseph Burchard - Graue Scholar

Shortly after arriving at the University of Idaho, I was given the opportunity to hear a distinguished alumnus speak about his study at the University of Idaho as well as the career that followed. He said something in that speech which I will never forget: “Most people who accomplish great things don’t get there by simply being great; rather, greatness is achieved by not turning down opportunity.” It was a statement that might have seemed innocuous at the time, but it has changed the course of my life several times already.
One of my first opportunities at the College of Business and Economics (CBE) was selection into the Graue Scholars program.

Throughout my time in the CBE, the Graue Scholars program has been a critical part of my development toward becoming a business professional. Having been accepted as a Graue, I was also allowed to sit on the Dean’s Student Advisory Board and discuss significant and challenging college-wide issues. As the elected chair of the Graue Scholars my sophomore year, I had the opportunity to lead the Graue Scholars that ranged from freshman to seniors. If I had to pick one thing from which I learned the most from during my college career, it would be leading the Graue Scholars. Having constituents who are more accomplished, with greater talent, and are just plain smarter than I can be extremely disconcerting. I learned something about diplomacy. Regardless of the sometimes humbling aspects of the job, I would not trade having been the Graue Chair for anything.

Born in Chicago, my family moved to Idaho when I was just a baby, and despite my dynamic sounding roots, my family did very little traveling during my childhood. However, trips with various groups in during college opened me to a much larger world, and I have fallen in love with it. As a freshman, the Graue Scholars took a field trip over spring break to visit the financial district of New York City. Along with the following year’s trip to major production facilities in Shanghai, China, these trips were the first major steps in broadening my horizons and quickly convinced me of the necessity of spending a semester abroad, which I eventually did in Bangkok, Thailand. With these experiences fresh in my mind, I tell everyone that one of the best things the University offers is study abroad. The only thing I regret about traveling is that I have not done more.

There are groups and clubs all over campus which do just about everything imaginable. One of my favorite is the Davis Student Investment Group, which I was a part of for three years. Davis, as we call it, is comprised of a group of students who manage a real-money fund. The most important lesson I learned while in Davis was that I must invest the time to get everything I possibly can out of it. Davis was a great experience, and the trip to visit the Chicago financial district will be another never forgotten memory.

It has been my absolute privilege and honor to receive a few of the awards offered by the CBE and the University of Idaho. More important to me though, are the amazing people I have met along the way and the lessons they taught. Thank you to my professors, advisors, Dean Jack Morris, and my parents for the lessons, the challenges, and the support. People will forget who won an award one year, and they will probably walk by dusty plaques on the wall and never notice my name. But I have memories of some of the best times of my life; and those will never be left behind.