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Andrea Hasenoehrl

Andrea Hasenoehrl

The University of Idaho’s motto once read, “From Here You Can Go Anywhere.” As a graduate student in the accounting program, I reflect over the past three years here at the university, and I see how true that theme is, how it has weaved personally into my life.

In the fall of 2006, I decided to attend the University of Idaho. I always tell people the main reason was location. Growing up in Lewiston, Idaho, I felt that Moscow was far enough away from home, but still close enough. However, the ultimate factor was the university’s atmosphere. The accounting program had high recommendations, and the professors would prove to be better than their reputations.

I jumped at every opportunity I had that first semester of college. I joined Beta Alpha Psi, an accounting, finance, and information system honorary club. It was a little intimidating at first because most of the members were juniors and seniors who had known each other for the past several years. But I kept going to the club meetings and becoming more involved. That next spring, I spent about 12 hours in a Suburban traveling to Portland to tour accounting firms. That initial step would be the start to many opportunities.

As a sophomore, I branched out further. I was invited to join the Sophomore Business Club. Hearing local business people talk about their stories and how their dreams succeeded reinforced that I could make my dreams work, too.

Junior and senior year seemed like a blur. This is when I found out how supportive and encouraging the accounting faculty really is. I also became the reporter and, eventually, the president of Beta Alpha Psi. This past fall, I participated in recruiting. I went through interview after interview with lots of determination and a big smile. When Deloitte and Touche offered me a tax season internship, it did not take me long before I had my bags packed for Boise.

This spring has been phenomenal, and I love being an intern at Deloitte. The people are great, and Deloitte offers a top quality experience. The best part is that I get to learn something new every day and to interact with co-workers and clients. During my internship, I was invited to go the Legacy of Leading Award celebration for Sharon Allen, Chairman of the Board at Deloitte. I had never imagined I would attend a function so grand during my college years. Once again, the university’s motto prevailed. Listening to the presenters, I learned that Sharon sets a real life example conveying how one can succeed. So did the other presenters at the celebration, like Gary Michael, past president of Albertson’s, and Richard Dahl, past president of Dole Food Company. They all graduated from the University of Idaho. They all accomplished their dreams. The odds of me becoming as successful as Sharon, Gary, or Richard may be slim. But why not try? I know that with my determination and strong will, I can achieve my heart’s desires.

I look forward to returning to the University of Idaho this fall to complete my masters. I would like to thank all who were there for me. Whether you were my professor, club advisor, family or friend, thank you for helping me. When I finally graduate from the university, I will always remember and live by the most important motivational key it has shown me, “From Here I Can Go Anywhere.”