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Brian Fletcher

Experiences at CBE

My favorite experiences at the College of Business and Economics were during my junior and senior years of college.  Also, being involved in the Barker Program and the Davis Investment Group (extracurricular student groups) were definitely a highlight and a great source of educational and real life experience.

Going through IBC my junior year provided me with well-rounded business knowledge and greatly prepared me for acceptance as a financial analyst intern at The Boeing Company the following summer.  At Boeing, in the midst of the corporate finance experience, I became less interested in corporate finance and more interested in a financial markets and the economy.   So, I entered my senior year with IBC extremely excited to exploit my interests.  Being a finance major, I took advantage of the wide array of finance courses offered, such as financial engineering and market trading courses.  These types of classes are very unique to a public university, while they are prevalent in Ivy League institutions, so having them offered at the University of Idaho is a great advantage and was a rewarding and educational experience for me. 

The Barker Group and Davis Group each provide extremely special opportunities to students.  My junior year we were able to travel to Chicago with the groups to visit brokerages, hedge funds, The Chicago Board of Trade and The Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  Some of the CBE Finance faculty and CBE alumni (Rotchy Barker) were able to guide the group around town and on the floor of each exchange.  Being a part of that experience had a motivating influence on my career ambitions.

The diverse faculty also greatly enhanced my experience.  The faculty has a wide background of education and, more importantly, tremendous experience in the real world.  They are extremely demanding which makes the experience highly rewarding throughout the process and in the end.  Having professors who are able to set aside the textbook and use real world examples, such as personal experiences at the Chicago Board of Trade or real-life portfolio/mutual fund management practice, definitely enhanced my learning experience.  The faculty also cares and believes in their students, regularly we are reminded that we are being prepared to be able to compete with the “best and the brightest” in the job market.  When I was going through my job search, I was thankful that the faculty was willing to go out of their way to help me and include me in their impressive networking. 

Post Graduation Plans

With a U of I Degree proudly in tow, I moved to Chicago at the end of May to start as an assistant broker with Rice Dairy, LLC, Atrium Carbon Fund, and Atrium Brokerage.  Rice Dairy operates through the Chicago Board of Trade/Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Atrium Brokerage operates through the Chicago Climate Exchange, so I will be spending market hours on the floor of the Exchange.   I will continue to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and market trading.