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Amber Hopf

Degree(s) & year(s) of graduation:
B.S. in Accounting, May 2008; Masters of Accountancy, May 2009

What clubs and organizations were you involved in while at the University of Idaho?
I have been involved in Beta Alpha Psi for approximately 3 years now. In the spring of 2008, my senior year in college, I was voted in as the President Elect, to take over as President for the following year. I held the position of President while attending the Masters of Accountancy program at UI from May 2008 until my graduation in May 2009. During this time, I started an initiative that recognized members for any form of service they provided the chapter, as well as our community, in an attempt to get more students involved in community service activities.

What is the best experience you had as a student in the College of Business and Economics?
In my time at the CBE, I have heard multiple compliments from transfer students regarding the Accounting department’s recruiting process going unmatched by any other school in our area. I would have to agree. My best experience at the UI stems from this process. Our faculty were extremely helpful in making students aware of upcoming networking/interview opportunities and helped make an otherwise stressful affair go very smoothly for us all. Our Accounting department does not boast a 100% placement rate for no reason – if it were not for the dedicated men and women at the CBE, I would not have had six job offers with very prestigious firms. Thank you to all of you who have helped get me to where I am today!

What was your favorite class?
My favorite class would have to be Fraud Examination, an online course taught in the summer by K.D. Hatheway-Dial. This class covered very interesting material and was a nice break from financial reporting and auditing!