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CBE Students Well Represented at ASUI Awards

On April 16, 2010, the annual ASUI Student Achievement Awards were held. Once again, the College of Business and Ecomonics was very well represented in terms of recipients. CBE students were awarded 40% of the outstanding student awards. The CBE students only account for approximately 10% of the undergraduate student population on campus. The winners were:

Outstanding Freshmen
  • Lizbette Morin
  • Mary Pomes
  • Josh Reed
  • Megan Reyes
  • Molly Stinson
  • Chantel Wilkes

Outstanding Sophomores
  • Devon Giguiere
  • Leila “Emily” Hickman
  • John Millick

Outstanding Junior
  • Kelsey LaRoche

Outstanding Seniors
  • Mark Lloyd
  • Brian Miller
  • Marie Mustoe
  • Kelsey Pilch
  • Jenna Robinson
  • Michael Ze Zhao