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A unique feature of the University of Idaho Business Plan Competition is that not only are for-profit entities accepted into the competition, but also non-profit entities. However, both for-profit and non-profit entrants in the competition must be seeking equity capital and/or debt financing. Grants for non-profit entrants are acceptable as well. Internal University of Idaho Revenue Enhancement plans must also include detailed financial information including the source of funding (if any) and the ongoing sustainability of the initiative.

Previous Activity and Financing
Ventures may compete in the University of Idaho Business Plan Competition as many times as desired. However, those that receive awards must show how previous financing was used to move the venture forward. In general, it is expected that all business plans will be original and not previously awarded or recognized at the VIEW business plan competition or any other business plan competition. However, business plans that have competed and received awards from VIEW or other competitions are welcome if the plan shows how the previous award(s) were used to advance the venture and how any awards from the University of Idaho competition would be employed. Ventures must disclose all sources of existing funding. Note that it is recognized that both students and non-student team members may have worked on their idea, new concept, product, and/or technology in prior academic years. Student team members may have even worked on the idea, new concept, product, and/or technology prior to enrolling as undergraduate or graduate students. Under these circumstances, a venture is eligible to compete in the Business Plan Competition so long as the venture has had no revenues and has not raised any equity capital, unless the plan is for the expansion of an existing venture.

Award information and track descriptions are further explained under the Tracks section of our Rules and Regulations.