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2012 Business Plan Photo Gallery

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2012 Business Plan Competition Winners

2012 BPC Ultrafast FermentationFirst Place: $5,000
Ultrafast Fermentation
Team: Tushar Jain, Carlo Munoz and Tony Pastrama
Our Ultrafast Fermentation process utilizes biocatalyst beads for the process of ethanol and alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine or distilled spirits.  This process requires from 8 hours to as long as 7 days for completion.  The use of the newly invented biocatalyst beads reduces the time required for fermentation to a little as 2 hours and thereby increasing the production capacity to at least 3-25 times.  Ultrafast Fermentation takes first place at TechLaunch 9.0 in Boise, Idaho.

Watch Ultrafast Fermentation Presentation:


2012 BPC Grad Ad Second Place: $3,000
Project: Grab Ad
Team: Hayden Anderl, Juston Anderson, Christina Morgan, Jerod Morris and Taylor Williams
Mentor: Hank Artis, Instructor, College of Business and Economics

Grab Ad operates in the online advertising industry and uses the talents of internet users everywhere to develop internet ads, television ads, print ads, radio ads, apparel graphic design, logo design and packaging design so companies can effectively communicate with its target markets and make sure advertising dollars are not going to waste.

2012 BPC Alternative Transportation SpecialistThird Place: $1,000
Project: Alternative Transportation Specialists
Team: Devon Geguire, Koji Moy and Connor Watkins
Mentor: Hank Artis, Instructor, College of Business
and Economics

Today, motions are being spearheaded to reduce America's reliance on foreign supplied fuel and many believe that Natural Gas is the best option as it burns cleaner, is less costly, and the US has over 100 years of domestic supply.  Unfortunately, consumers have reservations about the technology as natural gas vehicle's (NGVs) mileage per tank is less than that of traditional vehicles'.  Our product, a natural gas efficiency system, will solve this problem by using compression to increase NGV's fuel storage by 40%.
BPC 2012 NanobondThird Place: $1,000
Project: Nanobond
Team: Jamie Hass, Joel Loomis, Max Lowry, Kristen O'Connor and Melody Ronningen
Mentor: Hank Artis, Instructor, College of Business and Economics

NanoBond will focus on naotechnology for the orthopedic market.  NanoBond will manufacture a new technology called nanosprings, which are microscopic, silica "glass" coils that will be used to coat screws used in prosthetics and implants.  Currently, screws and adhesives are used to aid in orthopedic procedures, but their use still requires significant healing times and often leave patients much weaker than they were before the injury.  The NanoBond coating on the screws will address these issues, helping to strengthen the bone as it heals, providing a shorter healing time which allows patients to get back to their lives. 

BPC 2012 Winner Aller-ganicFirst Place: $2,500
Project: Aller-Ganic
Team: Jesse Fisker, Zack Hood, Phillip Howard and Jason P. Perry
Mentor: Hank Artis, Instructor, College of Business and Economics

Aller-Ganic is a manufacturer of specialty foods.  Its innovation lies in using dedicated equipment in a sterile environment, resulting in allergen free products.  These products are currently organic granola bars, which are sold directly to consumers through an online store and to retailers such as co-ops and supermarkets. 

2012 BPC Venture SuitSecond Place: $1,500
Project: Venture Suit
Team: Hayden Andrel, Juston Andersen, Christina Morgan, Jerod Morris and Taylor Williams
Mentor: Hank Artis, Instructor, College of Business and Economics

The Venture Suit is a lifestyle brand that promotes comfort, professionalism, style, and confidence to any wearer.  'Desk' jobs are no longer the norm in today's dynamic business world, and we believe that it is time there is a business suit that reflects this.  The Venture Suit will have functional benefits that will provide the wearer with a competitive advantage in any professional setting.  This redesign of the traditional business suit will eliminate any restrictions, both in the workplace and in terms of mobility. 
2012 BPC Growing PainsThird Place: $1000
Project: Growing Pains
Team: Danny bell, Connor Bullard, Joel Mahoney and Jehsi Maderos
Mentor: Hank Artis, Instructor, College of Business and Economics

Growing Pains operates in the health-care industry as a hospital operations consulting service.  We will use ProModel Corporations simulation software given our hands on experience with scholastic consulting projects for Boeing and Frontier Communications.  The usefulness of ProModel allows us to test a change with a click of the button and analyze results versus yearlong test programs.  Our vision is to create a socially responsible company from the ground up, benefitting society by generating more reliable and efficient hospital care and giving back to local communities that we operate in.