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Vandal Solutions
University of Idaho
PO Box 443161
Moscow, ID 83844-3161
Phone/Fax: 208-885-1122

What Vandal Solutions Offers

Vandal Solutions offers you the BEST value on even better services.

Flyers and Coupons:
Our skilled designers can create great flyers and coupons for your business.  Our distribution teams can then post flyers up on the University of Idaho campus, in living groups, on high traffic bulletin boards, and through out downtown Moscow making sure to get your message out quickly and effectively. 

Facebook Advertising:
Facebook allows you to target your desired demographic group whether it is by age, location, gender, degree, and more.  This service is unique because we have the capability of showing thousands of e- fliers in a short amount of time for a reasonable cost.

Consumer Behavior Report:
Every other year, Vandal Solutions sends out a survey to the student population at the University of Idaho gathering information about spending habits and student preferences.  This data is then professionally analyzed and interpreted, and written into a quality report, which can help guide students to spend your dollars efficiently.

Focus Groups:
Let Vandal Solutions strategically recruit participants and put together a professional focus group for you. The data collected can then be placed into a detailed report for an extra cost. 

T-Shirt Advertising:
This is a New service for Vandal Solution and is very effective at reaching the student population.  How it works is we have our team of 30+ student employees wear t-shirts all day, which advertise your business.  They wear them to class, around campus and town catching the eyes of all who sit and walk behind or beside them.

Secret Shops:
Students perform "undercover" service evaluations of your business.  This helps discover detailed information of your customer's overall shopping experience.  Your business is then provided with a report of the secret shopper's experience.  This is a very effective management tool.

Custom Surveys:
We can create and distribute a survey for your business, with questions developed by you, or with our research teams help.  The surveys can be emailed or handed out around campus.  The results will then be formulated into a comprehensive report. 

Custom Events:
Vandal Solutions has special access to putting on events on campus.  There is endless potential for your event and each event will be customized for your specific desires. 

Project Services:
Vandal Solutions can create custom projects for your business, ranging from marketing and business plans, to marketing feasibility analysis.  We are also open to new ideas proposed to us from our customers.  We seek opportunities to expand services with new products and want to see your business grow.