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Vandal Solutions
University of Idaho
PO Box 443161
Moscow, ID 83844-3161
Phone/Fax: 208-885-1122
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Client Testimonials

Hyperspud Sport - Vandal Solutions provides great marketing access that I can use to target the students and staff at the University of Idaho.  They have many reasonably priced options and needed only a short lead time to get our campaign out on the streets.

-John Crock

Student Testimonials

I joined Vandal Solutions to further develop my marketing and learn innovative sales techniques. I’ve enjoyed meeting business professionals and interacting with my fellow sales associates on a daily basis.

            -Molly Stinson

 After being in the CBE for a couple of years I became interested in the marketing side of the business. I heard about Vandal Solutions and decided to join and become a sales associate. I was in the group for a semester when I decided that I wanted something more and became the new VP of Marketing. This group has helped me enhance my collegiate hands-on experience by actually communicating and negotiating with local businesses. I really like that we are able to work in groups to develop a business plan for a project and see changes in the community.

            -Ryan Morrow

 I have really enjoyed my experience at Vandal Solutions, and would recommend participation to anybody interested in gaining real world business experience.  Vandal Solutions has given me the opportunity to work directly with clients, manage a team, and improve my customer service skills.  The thing I enjoy the most about Vandal Solutions is the freedom I get to work on my own and bring new ideas to the organization.  The executive board that I work under is always receptive to my ideas, and does a great job of not micro managing me.  Every time I've been in a job interview I have been able to showcase my Vandal Solutions experiences, and my potential employers have always been impressed. 

-Taylor Edginton, VS Project Manager.  Graduating Senior with 1 year VS experience.

With my passion for entrepreneurship, Vandal Solutions has been an excellent experience for me. Coming from a sales background, I took to the sales side of the program and closed a big contract my first semester. Perhaps my favorite part of the program was working in an executive capacity. I have had the unique experience of working with small groups and developing programs that will have a tangible effect long after I’m graduated. Vandal Solutions is a program that will bring me back to the University of Idaho regardless of where my career takes me.

            -Nathan Essex

 I was interested in joining Vandal Solutions because I heard it looked fabulous on your resume. Shortly after actually being involved in the class did I realize it improved my work ethic and professionalism, not just my resume. I cannot think of a different opportunity that lets me explore my limits and actually practice being a real life business woman.

            -Colleen Lopez