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Vandal Solutions
University of Idaho
PO Box 443161
Moscow, ID 83844-3161
Phone/Fax: 208-885-1122

Officer Descriptions

  • President
    The President is responsible for creating an agenda for all class times. Directs each class meeting and allocates the first twenty minutes on sales and the last twenty on projects. Breaks the members up into their assigned teams and keep track of the progress made on all projects and events. Offers suggestions and input and answers any questions or signs off on any paperwork members have. Acts as a liaison between the members and the faculty in all necessary situations. The President attends all meetings necessary to the growth of Vandal Solutions.

    • Must hold a VP position for at least one semester before taking on the role of President
    • Interview
    • Application
  • Vice President of Finance
    VP of Finance is in charge of managing Vandal Solution’s books, including but not limited to the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. Give monthly presentations on the current financial standing for VS as well as the final annual report that is presented to our board at year-end in May. During day-to-day operations answer questions regarding expenses and potential sale prices all while working with the manager of finance regarding the books.

    • Background in accounting and finance
    • Must be a sales associate for at least 1 semester before applying
    • Significant amount of time outside of class is also requested
  • Vice President of Human Resources
    Major functions

    1. Attendance should be taken every day. If one is late or gone the VP of HR should email that person informing them that class must be taken seriously. If one had already emailed informing the VP of HR that they were going to be late or absent it will be excused. It should be indicated within the syllabus that if one is absent without being excused it is a total of 5% deducted from the total grade. If one is late up to three times unexcused they will also follow that same deduction.

    2. Grading is best to have the VP of Sales and the VP of Services grades their portion out of ten and send them to the VP of HR once a month. These grades should be added to the final grade page (best used in excel). The grading process should be discussed among the entire executive board prior to sending out the syllabus. At this point in time it is best to grade 25% on Sales (only having an A if one makes a sale and updates their documents every week), 25% on Secret shops, 25% on Participation and Leadership, and 25% on Projects and performances. The appropriate VP determines sales and Secret shop grades. Participation and Leadership is based on attendance, participation in class, volunteering for other projects and the full evaluation on the manager or VP. Projects and performances are based on the evaluation of the project outcome and the evaluation of which by the reaction of the client, manager and the VP of Services. The grades must be fully updated at midterms and at semester to be submitted to the advisor. It is best to always have them on hand to allow employees to view their grades.

    3. Evaluations should be done at midterms and at semester. Have each employee fill out an evaluation from everyone within their team, including themselves. The managers need to meet with everyone in their team to present their total individual score out of 100 points. At this time the manager should present any problems or satisfaction with the particular employee under them. These evaluations should be done in private or with the VP of HR if there is a problem. After the managers are finished meeting with their team they are to meet with their VP to evaluate their performances, then presenting the results to the VP of HR. At the end of the entire process the grades should be finalized and grades should be sent to each individual employee (if not posted on Vandal Web). This should allow more room for personal improvement and more responsibility to work in every area.
  • Vice President of Marketing
    The VP of marketing is responsible for marketing and promoting Vandal Solutions to both the local community and the university community. You arrange all events relating to the promotion of VS. You are also responsible for helping project teams with marketing related questions.

    • Experience in event planning and coordinating events
    • Marketing Experience
    • At least one semester in Vandal Solutions
  • Vice President of Sales
    The major function of this position is to work with the managers and sales associates to make sales. Provide supporting paperwork and keep everyone on track. At times go with associates to sales meeting to provide support and involvement with the customer. Keep track of sales updates and grade sales associates based on their Google Docs updates. On a day-to-day basis you work with sales associates based on their questions about businesses, products, and sales. We are currently involving more training sessions for our associates to provide better quality products to our customers.

    • Must be flexible, outgoing, and responsible member of the team
    • Able to communicate to students, customers, and advisors
    • Required to have at least one semester of Vandal Solutions prior to entering office
  • Vice President of Services
    The major function of VP of Services is to oversee day-to-day activities of Vandal Solutions and to ensure that every contract signed has the services provided quickly and correctly. You are responsible for every project that Vandal Solutions is working on. It is your responsibility to regulate the work being done by each team.

    • Must hold a VP position for at least one semester before taking on the role of President
    • Interview
    • Application
  • Recruitment
    Vandal Solutions is open to all majors and accepts applications as early as freshman year. A 2-step screening process is used to determine the most qualified candidates. The first step is an application review, followed by a panel interview conducted by officers within Vandal Solutions. Vandal Solutions does accept resumes along with applications. Interviews will be held in November and April, and require business professional attire. An application can be found online or at the Vandal Solutions office in the basement of the Albertsons building