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George Tanner
Instructor of Entrepreneurship
Director of Idaho Entrepreneurs
Office: ALB 333
Phone: (208) 885-6475
Fax: (208) 885-5087
875 Perimeter Drive MS3161
Moscow, ID 83844-3161

Previous BPC Winners

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Innovative Ventures

transform an idea into a business venture and get a new product, technology, process, or service to the marketplace.

  1. BioCement Technologies: Nick Lodato, John Maxwell and Marshall Piatt ($7000)
  2. Reckoning Weapons System: Cody Barker, Brian Bond, Christopher Kreps, Colby Nahas and Abigail Stomberg ($1500)
  3. SkyData: Brett Bennett, Casey Hayward, Garrett Kyle, Sam Phillips and Drew Wilkinson ($1500)

Small Businesses

plans typically do not involve intellectual property but focus more on traditional startups ventures such as new or expanded retail or service operations.

  1. Bearfoot Shoes: Caleb Gilmour, John Hudspeth, Joseph McGee, Heidi Score and Coleman Weiss ($3000)
  2. Big Head Hats: Jeff Dean, Zachary Floyd and Erica Hart ($1500)
  3. Sure Hire Professional Development: Michael Mattson and Meredith Stone ($500)

Social Entrepreneurship|Nonprofits

plans must address a social cause or effort to better the world and society. The business can be set up as a non-profit organization i.e., 501(c) (3), or it can be set up as a profit-oriented business. The ROI (return on investment) for the social entrepreneurship business will be measured by an impact analysis and/or a financial ROI.

  1. Tisquantum Fertilizer: Christopher Anderson, Thomas Lansing and Jake Schwaller ($3000)
  2. GenTree Center: Bruno Bennett, Caroline Chavez, Rian Miller, Brandon Mitcham, Brandy Ramos and Jen Smith ($1500)
  3. On-Site Furniture: Jessica Cammann, Wesley O'Bryan, Chris Ross and Hanna Uhling ($500)