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Scott Metlen Ph.D,
Faculty Advisor

Associate Professor of
Operations Management
College of Business & Economics
P.O. Box 443161
Moscow, Idaho 83844-3161
Office: ALB 223
Phone: 208-885-5480
Email: metlen@uidaho.edu
Process Center students with adviser

About Business Process Center

The Process Center was created because managers from companies such as Micron and Boeing recognized that business people need in forming and executing strategy. Strategy is created and executed through a definable set of processes, and through exemplary process management, this set of processes enables exemplary organizational performance. Most business schools concentrate on what a good strategy is, what a person in each functional area of an organization does, and why their job duties are necessary. But most schools do not emphasize the importance of process management. Thus, the Micron Foundation donated $61,000.00 in 2009 to start and fund the Process Center for five years. Through minimal project fees, the center will become self-funding after the initial five year start up period.

The mission of the center is:

  1. To provide students a real world experience in process delineation and improvement.
  2. To expose students to real world opportunities/problems and give them a chance to capture/solve those issues.
  3. To expose students to process modeling and process control software.
  4. To clarify to students the importance of process management.
  5. To clarify to students the integration aspects of an organization’s processes.
  6. To expose students to prospective employers and to provide a resume building project that helps students find employment.
The Business Process Center uses experiential learning since the complexity of process modeling, understanding, and improvement can only be understood through working with processes that are currently in use. Students and firm partners have both expressed the virtues of the Process Center. Students feel that these projects have helped them find positions in partner firms, as well as other firms. Partner firms have instituted student suggestions that have increased profits.