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“In three short weeks, I have advanced my level of knowledge and experience by at least five to ten years.”
-Bob Roy, Service Area Director, Distribution Operations, CenterPoint Energy, Inc.

Competency Based

Industry knowledge,  Adaptability,  Strategic thinking,  Global perspective.  In an era of unprecedented industry challenges, these are just some of the competencies today's utility managers must master in order to meet the growing demands of leadership.  UEC's competency-based curriculum ensures a well-rounded learning experience, allowing participants to increase knowledge and skills while finding new ways to enhance professional effectiveness. The program is committed to developing the capabilities of all its participants in five major areas of competency:

Building In-Depth Knowledge... of the complex utility industry.
Developing Leadership Skills... specifically related to successful management in the utility industry.
Building a Strategic Mind-Set... to lead your workforce in today's dynamic  marketplace.
Developing a Global Vision... of what your workgroup, company, and  industry can become.
Building Professional Networks... for sharing best practices with a wide array of  individuals throughout the industry.