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“The diversity of the participants as well as the presenters was key to providing a broad perspective of the industry.”
-Marcos Flores, Manager, Substation Maintenance, Southern California Edison


Moscow is located 90 miles southeast of Spokane, Washington, and 34 miles north of Lewiston, Idaho. You can fly to our area most conveniently via Pullman, Washington. Flights to Pullman airport are served by Horizon Air, and our staff will be happy to meet your flight and provide ground transportation.

You can also reach our area by flying to Spokane, Washington, and driving from there. The following airlines offer flights to and from the Spokane airport: Alaska, Delta, Frontier, Horizon Air, Northwest, Southwest, and United.

Or you can fly into the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport 34 miles south of Moscow.  Lewiston is served by Horizon Air via Boise, Portland, and Seattle in conjunction with Alaska Airlines and partner Northwest Airlines.  Continental Airlines, American Airlines, and Canadian Airlines also code share.  In addition, Lewiston is now served by Delta Connection carrier SkyWest via Salt Lake City.

Here are detailed driving directions to Moscow, or click here to visit MAPQUEST.com. You will be checking in at the University Inn Best Western.  How to GET TO THE UNIVERSITY INN BEST WESTERN, MOSCOW, FROM:

Spokane : Lewiston : Coeur d'Alene : Pullman

From the Spokane Airport:

There's only one road from the Spokane Airport to the freeway (I90). You will take I90 East for just a very short distance (follow the signs to Spokane). Stay in the right lane; the turnoff for Moscow comes quickly.

Take Hwy 195 South (to Colfax). It's about 60 miles to Colfax. NOTE:  Pay attention to the speed limits in Colfax.

It's about 13 miles from Colfax to the Pullman cutoff, a left turn, Washington 270. 

Take an immediate right, and continue down the hill into Pullman.  At the signal at the bottom of the hill, turn right onto Grand Avenue.  Move into the left lane.  Turn left at the second signal (Paradise Street) and follow the 'Moscow' signs through Pullman.  You will go through signals at Spring Street, Stadium Way (the entrance to Washington State University), and Bishop Boulevard. 

Follow Washington 270/Idaho 8 all the way to Moscow, approximately 8 miles. 

Idaho 8 is named Pullman Road. Follow Pullman Road through one signal. Continue on Pullman Road to the signal at Pullman Road and Perimeter Drive. You will see the Best Western University Inn on your left. Move into the left-turn lane.

Turn right into the entrance to the Best Western University Inn. 


From the Lewiston Airport:

Start out going north on 4th Street toward O’ Conner Road and then take a right onto Preston Avenue.

From Preston, turn left onto Nez Perce Grade and continue until Thain Grade. Take a left. Thain Grade becomes 21st Street.

Turn right onto 21st Street Access and take a slight right onto Main Street / US-12 E. Follow US-12 E across the Clearwater River and then merge onto US-95 N via the ramp on the left toward Moscow/Coeur D'Alene.

Proceed up the hill and drive approximately 30 miles to Moscow.

Continue north on Highway 95 through two traffic signals.  At the third signal, US-95 N becomes Washington Street, a one-way street.  Move into the left lane and continue on Washington Street through the signal at 6th Street.  The next signal is at the intersection of Washington and Third Streets. 

Turn left onto Third Street.

Continue on Third Street through three signals.  The fourth signal is at the intersection of Pullman Road and Perimeter Drive.

The Best Western University Inn is on your right.


From Coeur d'Alene, Idaho:

Follow Highway 95 S to Moscow. Highway 95 becomes Main Street as you come into Moscow.

The first signal is at the intersection of Main and 'D' Streets (Rosauer's grocery store is to your right).  Continue on Main, which becomes a one-way, Jackson Street.  You will go through the next signal at 'A' Street.  Move into the right-hand lane, as you will be turning right at the next signal, Third Street.

Continue on Third Street through three signals.  The fourth signal is at the intersection of Pullman Road and Perimeter Drive.

The Best West University Inn is on your right.


From the Pullman Airport

Turn right onto Airport Road and follow it through the rolling Palouse. At the signal, turn left onto the Moscow/Pullman Highway (Washington 270 becomes Idaho 8 and is named Pullman Road).

Follow Pullman Road through one signal. Continue on Pullman Road to the next signal, which is the intersection of Pullman Road and Perimeter Drive.  You will see the Best Western University Inn on your left.  Move into the left-turn lane.

Turn right into the entrance to the Best Western University Inn. 

From the Best Western University Inn, head south through the signal at the intersection of Pullman Road and Perimeter Drive.  You will pass agricultural barns on the right.  Continue on Perimeter Drive winding past the Kibbie Dome on your left and the University of Idaho golf course on your right.

Continue east on Perimeter Drive, turning left at the first stop sign.  This is the intersection of Blake Avenue and Perimeter Drive. 

Take an immediate left onto Campus Drive. Tennis courts are on your right. Continue on Campus Drive, turning left behind the Administration Building.

You will drive into parking lot #40. The J. A. Albertson Building is located adjacent to the Administration Building. 

Enter the building through the south entrance. Turn right onto the main floor gallery. The UEC classroom is J. A. Albertson 102 and is the first classroom on your right.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call 208.885.6265, or email uiuec@uidaho.edu.