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“UEC provided an opportunity for me to look at high-level strategies within the industry. The information was very topical and allowed me to round out my foundation of utility knowledge.”
-Christine Philipps, Director, Federal Regulatory Affairs, Puget Sound Energy

Measured Learning Results

The Utility Executive Course produces results. The diversity and talent of our program participants, coupled with a world-class faculty of industry and academic leaders, create dramatic and focused learning. Measured learning results from the 2013 program showed increased knowledge in every course module.

 Technology Aggregate % 
Electric Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution  +25%
Natural Gas Production, Transmission & Delivery  +57%
Nuclear Power  +70%
Smart Grid & Analytics +39% 
New Energy Consumer  +57%
Disruptive Energy Technologies  +68%
Cyber Security  +45%
Future of Coal  +49%
Electric Gas Convergence  +61%
FERC & NERC Reliability  +29%
Current Issues in the Natural Gas Industry  +55%
Wholesale Power Markets  +48%
Regulation & Rate Making  +30%
Tomorrow's Electric Industry: Challenges & Opportunities  +39%
Environmental Collaboration  +36%

Utility Accounting & Financial Reporting  +33%
Financial Management  +20%
Current Issues Facing Utility CFO's  +52%
Enterprise Risk Management  +25%
Increasing Shareholder Value Through Capital Markets  +59%
Managing Enterprise Value  
Leadership Awareness  +11% 
Corporate Strategy  +12%
Customer Experience  +20%
Enterprise Leadership  +21%
Design Thinking  +34%
Utility of the Future  +39%