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Nationwide Industry Advisory Committee

"UEC helped me understand the tremendous change our industry is undergoing and the importance of building the knowledge to help my company navigate that change."
Laurie Monfiletto, Vice President, Human Resources, PNM Resources
Brian Bird
Brian Bird - Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
NorthWestern Corporation
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Jim Doubek
James Doubek - Director, Resource Planning
NV Energy
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Greg M. Ferree
Greg Ferree - Vice President Distribution
Southern California Edison
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David C. Harkness
David C. Harkness - Chief Information Officer and Vice President
Xcel Energy
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UEC Advisory Committee member Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey - Senior Manager, Joint Projects
Idaho Power
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Jim Kensok
Jim Kensok - Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Avista Corporation
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Carla Kneipp
Carol Kneipp - Vice President, Audit Services
CenterPoint Energy
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Loretta Mabinton
Loretta Mabinton - Assistant General Counsel
Portland General Electric
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Christina McQuistion
Cristina F. McQuistion - Vice President, Strategy and Performance Improvement
OGE Energy Corp.
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Nina Mullins
Nina Mullins - Senior Director, Land and Papago Park Center, Inc.
Salt River Project (SRP)
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Georgianna Nichols UEC summit promo
Georgianna Nichols - President and Chief Operating Officer - Electric Division, Retired
CenterPoint Energy
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Kerry Overton
Kerry Overton - Deputy General Manager Customer Care, Workforce Development, and Risk Management
Austin Energy
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Michael Poncia
Michael Ponica - Program Director, Solution One Project
Pepco Holdings, Inc.
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Grant Ringel
Grant Ringel - Director, Customer Market Strategies
Puget Sound Energy
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Evelyn Robinson
Evelyn Robinson - Manager, Regulatory/Legislative Affairs
PJM Interconnections
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Jerry Schmitz
Jerome T. Schmitz, P.E. - Vice President, Engineering
Southwest Gas Corporation
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Gun Shim
Gun Shim - Vice President, Supply Chain Management
Pacific Gas and Electric Company
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Sayuri Yamada
Sayuri Yamada - Director, New Mexico Governmental Affairs and Santa Fe Community Relations
PNM Resources
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